How To Wash Fleece

It is easy to keep your fleece clean and smelling fresh.Fleece always feels the best new, but sometimes you need to wash it.Fleece garments can be kept in a good condition with careful handling, cool water and air drying.

Step 1: Only wash your fleece when absolutely necessary.

Fleece garments and blankets are made of plastic and do not need to be washed often.It is possible to reduce the amount of microfibers shed into your washing machine and keep it out of our planet’s water supply by washing less.Each winter season, parkas and jackets need to be washed.Each winter season, hats, gloves and scarves should be washed 3 to 5 times.Hosiery needs to be washed after every wear.Every 1 to 3 wears, wash leggings and pants.Depending on personal washing preference, blankets are twice a season.

Step 2: Pretreating stains with a detergent is a good idea.

You can use a sponge with soap or detergent.Leave the sponge on for 10 minutes.Blot it out with a paper towel.When spot treating or the dirt settles deeper into the fleece, don’t rub too hard.If the stain is stubborn try a mild acid like lemon juice or vinegar.

Step 3: pilling fleece is the best way to remove lint.

Fleece has white lint that reduces the garments softness and water resistance.When fleece is a-braided, use a lint roller to brush it down.You can run a razor over the fleece.

Step 4: Check the tag for instructions.

It’s a good idea to read the manufacturers notes on the proper care of the fleece garment before washing.Special handling and care is needed when handling dyes.

Step 5: A few drops of detergent can be used in your washing machine.

Don’t use harsh detergents with fabric softeners, bleach, scents, and conditioners.These are the worst enemies of your fleece.You can make your own natural detergent with 14 cup of baking soda, 1 cup hydrogen peroxide or vinegar.Oxygen in the water will create bubbles and remove dirt.It is anti-bacterial and helps remove soap and grime build up.

Step 6: Use the cool water to turn your washing machine on.

The fleece needs a gentle wash or rinse to keep it soft and fuzzy.Warm or hot water on a strong cycle will degrade the quality and reduce the water proof resistance of the fleece over time.Pull fleece garments out of the way.Fleece can be washed with towels and sheets.The main culprit is towels.

Step 7: Fleece can be dried on a drying rack.

Depending on the weather, hang the fleece item inside or outside for 1 – 3 hours.Air drying the fleece makes it smell good.To save the fabric colour, dry it inside or in the shade.

Step 8: It’s best to dry delicate items on the lowest setting.

Make sure the fleece is completely dry after the dryer has washed it, fold it and store it in your drawers or closet.

Step 9: Put water in a basin or tub.

It is the most gentle way to wash fleece.To look after the fabric dyes, certain garments may have to be hand washed.

Step 10: To wash hands, use a mild or natural detergent.

A small amount of soap and water will do the trick if you want to keep the fleece stain resistant.Too much soap can make it soft and fluffy.

Step 11: Rub fabric together with your hands.

Look for areas where you sweat or notice dirt.When the water runs clear of dirt and detergent, rinse and repeat.Fleece items with stubborn odours or stains should be left to soak for 30 to 40 minutes before rinsing with water.

Step 12: The fleece can be dried on a drying rack.

Hang excess water on a drying rack.The drying time depends on the size of the garment and the weather.Fleece can be dry without pilling if it is dried outdoors.