How To Wake up your pet.

During low-light hours at dawn and dusk, hamsters are the most active of all animals.Your hamster may sleep a lot while you are awake.If you want to play with your pet, you may need to wake him up.There are several methods that can be used to achieve this.It is a good idea to wake your hamster as close to when they normally wake as possible.If your hamster is in a deep sleep during the middle part of the day, don’t wake him.

Step 1: Speak softly to him.

It’s possible to wake your hamster with the sound of your voice.Start speaking softly near his cage.You can hum or sing until he is awake.

Step 2: Offer him something to eat.

It is possible to rouse your hamster by giving him a treat.Allow a treat to be held out where he is sleeping to draw him out of his sleep.You can use a store-bought hamster treat or a small piece of a vegetable.

Step 3: He should blow in his face.

If your hamster is sleeping in the open, you can blow in his face.If you don’t want to startle your hamster, begin with a mellow release of air and increase in intensity until he wakes.

Step 4: Do not poke him.

Don’t jabbing or poking at your hamster.This is not an effective way to wake him up.He will not want to be held or to play if he is roused this way.

Step 5: Move slowly.

The point is to wake him without scaring him.If you approach your sleeping hamster, move slowly.He can wake up in a good mood.

Step 6: The room should be dark.

At dusk and dawn, hamsters wake up and move around.If you dim the lights in your room, you can wake your hamster.If you can make it dark enough, your hamster should wake up.

Step 7: The temperature needs to be changed.

Changing the temperature of your hamster’s environment is an idea.When it is warm, hamsters sleep more.If you want to warm up the whole room, you can either use a heat lamp or heating pad, or only warm the hamster’s cage.

Step 8: He had a food bowl.

You can appeal to the hamsters sense of hearing and desire for food at the same time by moving his food bowl.Place a small amount of fresh food in his dish and move it around until he wakes.

Step 9: He needs to lift up his hut.

hamsters will sleep inside of a hut or enclosure.Lifting up his hut is one way to rousing your hamster.You can either lift up the hut and move it to another location in the cage, or you can put it back down and wake him up.

Step 10: It’s a good idea to lightly tap on his cage.

Soft noises and vibration can be combined by lightly tapping on your hamster’s cage.Once your hamster is awake, gently rap on his cage with your finger.

Step 11: hamsters arecular.

hamsters are called “nocturnal” when in fact they are “crepuscular”, whereas nocturnal animals are most active at night.Understanding your hamster’s sleep patterns will help you deal with them.

Step 12: Your hamster has a schedule.

If you want to train your hamster to wake up a bit earlier so that you can spend more time with him, the first thing you need to do is track his schedule.Write down exactly when he is asleep and awake.

Step 13: Feed him at the same time.

Feed your hamster at this time each day if you know his schedule.Feed your hamster at 8:30 on the dot when he wakes each night.Before moving on to the next step, do this for at least one week.

Step 14: Move your feeding time back.

The feeding time should be moved back in 15 minutes.Feed your hamster at 8:15pm after the first week to wake him up a bit earlier.It should take about one week for him to wake up on his own.Feed your hamster at 8:00pm.

Step 15: Be patient.

Over time, this technique needs to be subtly done in order for it to work.You should be patient through this process.It is your hamster’s innate nature that causes him to wake at dusk and dawn.You won’t change that overnight.You will never change it completely.You may not be able to train your hamster to wake one hour earlier.