How To Volunteer at the Local Nursing Home

It is possible to volunteer at a nursing home.You will be able to help your community and get volunteer hours.The residents of the nursing home are very happy to have you there.This article will show you how to volunteer.

Step 1: Permission from your parents or guardian is required.

You will need this permission if you are a minor.

Step 2: You can find the number of the nursing home that you would like to volunteer by using the phone book or online.

Step 3: Prepare to call the nursing home.

If you want to know when you can volunteer, you need a calendar and a pen and paper.

Step 4: You can call the nursing home.

Say “hello, my name is _____ and I would like to volunteer at a nursing home” when someone answers.Can you tell me who to talk to?If they give you a name and phone number, you should write it on your paper and hang up.Thank them and wait for them to connect you to the volunteer supervisor.

Step 5: Wait to be connected to the person if you call.

Say “hello, my name is _____ and I would like to volunteer at a nursing home.”They will guide you through what to do next.

Step 6: Follow instructions.

It’s important to follow the rules and guidelines given to you by the volunteer staff member.There is an important reason for the current system even if you think something could be done better.Follow the rules of your assignment to avoid problems.

Step 7: You should go above and beyond.

You don’t have to do the bare minimum if you follow the rules and guidelines.If you’re assigned to wheel patients from one room to another, take the time to talk to them, hold their hands and learn their names.Even if it takes extra time or effort, be willing to help if a staff member asks.

Step 8: There are activities that work for the age range.

Put yourself in the shoes of the residents and consider what they will enjoy if you are given the freedom to plan the activities yourself.Pick songs from their time era that they will actually recognize if you play music or do karaoke.Ask the residents or the staff members what activities have worked well in the past and incorporate them into your plan.This time isn’t about you, even if it’s not an activity that you enjoy.

Step 9: Consistency is important.

You should be there for an hour every Tuesday afternoon if you say you will be.It can be difficult for the staff and volunteers if you miss your assignment.Life at a nursing home can be very boring, but they look forward to special visits and activities.Before committing to a volunteer schedule, make sure you can keep it.Let the volunteer coordination know in advance if you need to change your schedule.

Step 10: Be who you are.

It can be hard to volunteer if you don’t know any of the residents.Just like you, every resident has their own personality and interests.Don’t be afraid to be yourself and act like you’re meeting people your own age.Ask them about their hobbies and interests.You might have more in common with each other than you think.