How To Use Pipe Cleaners to Curl Hair

Curls add style and body to your hair.The heat from a curling iron can cause damage to your hair.If you want to use a heating tool instead of a pipe cleaner, make sure to bend the pipe cleaners in half and separate your hair at the end.

Step 1: You should brush your hair with a hairbrush.

Start with the ends of your hair.Make sure you brush your hair.The process of curling your hair will go much faster if you use this.If you have wavy hair, brushing it can make it messy.Any hairiness will be toned down by the curling process.Do not brush your hair if you have dreadlocks.

Step 2: Make it damp by spraying water on it.

The spray bottle should be filled with room temperature water.You can spray your hair with the spray bottle.It’s better to get your hair damp than it is to have it dripping.If your hair is wet from the shower, you need to section it out.

Step 3: Take about 20 pipe cleaners and twist them together.

A standard pipe cleaner is very thin.If you want to give your hair more volume, fold a pipe cleaner in half and twist it around.You should make enough pipe cleaners to cover your entire head.

Step 4: Wrap your hair around a pipe cleaner.

A section of hair is about 1 inch in width.The larger the curls, the more hair you use.Wrap the ends of your hair around a pipe cleaner.The ends should be smooth and not have any bumps.Curls might be different if your hair is not smooth on the pipe cleaner.

Step 5: Wrap your hair around the pipe cleaner and roll it upwards.

As you roll the pipe cleaner, hold the ends of your hair.Roll the pipe cleaner towards your roots.The hair needs to be smooth the entire time.

Step 6: The pipe cleaner needs to be secured on your head.

When the pipe cleaner reaches your roots, bend it back on top of your head.It needs to be tight enough that your hair won’t fall out.The metal part of the pipe cleaner needs to be adjusted.

Step 7: Put pipe cleaners on your head.

Continue rolling until your hair is in a pipe cleaner roll.It won’t get curled if you leave any hair out.If your hair falls out of your pipe cleaners, make sure they are tight.

Step 8: The pipe cleaners should be left in the house overnight.

Allow your pipe cleaners to sit in your hair for at least 8 hours.Your curls will hold longer if you keep them in.Try not to move them or adjust them.Put a shower cap on top of your head if you are worried about sleeping in the pipe cleaners.This will protect your hair.

Step 9: Unwrap the pipe cleaners and put them in your hair.

When your hair is loose, unfold the pipe cleaners.Curls can be pulled or straightened if you unroll your hair.If you can, remove the pipe cleaners completely from your hair.

Step 10: Run your hands through the curls.

Use your fingers to comb through your hair.Run your hands along your head.Do this until you like the way your hair looks.Do not separate them if you want tighter, more defined curls.

Step 11: If your hair is not straight, add hair oil to it.

Separating your hair can lead to too much volume.Spread a pea-sized amount of hair oil in your palms and gently apply it to the ends of your hair.It can make your hair look greasy if you put too much near your head.Most beauty supply stores have hair oil.