How To Use Chakra Stones

If you want to heal your body without using medicine or seeing a therapist, you can use the chakra stones.The energy wheels located on the spine are thought to be tied to physical and emotional issues.If you want to use the stones effectively, you have to meditate with them, lay them on your body, and understand the different parts of the body.

Step 1: A friend can help you meditate.

It is much easier to have someone lay the stones on you than it is to do it on your own.Ask someone that you trust, such as a close friend or family member, if they would be willing to meditate with you and lay the stones on your body.

Step 2: A quiet space is available.

There will be no distraction if you choose a time and place to meditate.Before starting, close the door and turn off your phone.You can meditate in a room where you can feel the energy to be relaxing.If the weather is nice, you can try to go outside.

Step 3: Place your back on the floor.

You can lay on the flat surface in the space you choose to meditate in.A bed, couch, or carpeted floor is a good option.

Step 4: Don’t pay attention to receiving the stone’s energy.

At a time, have your friend place each stone on your body.The stones should be placed in the correct places.As each stone is placed on your body, focus on the color and energy of that stone.Take a look at the energy penetrating into your body and how it is delivered to a specific area.

Step 5: For twenty minutes, lay down quietly.

After all of the stones are on your body, lay down for twenty minutes.Close your eyes and focus on taking deep breaths through your nose and mouth.If you have any thoughts in your head, let them go and not hold onto them.

Step 6: Online or at a crystal shop, you can buy kahuna stones.

You can purchase your chakra stones online.If you’re looking for a specific type of stone, you can search for it onReputable websites, such as you want to select all of your stones individually, you can go to a crystal or gemstone shop.

Step 7: There is a stone on your groin.

If you want to start, you should put a jasper, black, or red stone on your groin.The root chakra is the area that affects how grounded you feel and sexually comfortable you are.The stone can be placed at your feet instead of on your groin.

Step 8: Put an orange stone on your body.

You should work your way up to the Sacral chakra.You can place an orange stone on your body.Emotional health and creativity are associated with this energy.

Step 9: You can place a yellow or gold stone above your bellybutton.

Place yellow apatite, citrine, or another similarly colored stone on the solar plexus.It is located above your belly button and has a lot of personal power.

Step 10: There is a green or pink stone over your heart.

Morganite and Dioptase are stones that are good for the heart chakra.Your emotions of love and hate are handled by this chakra.

Step 11: You can put a stone on your throat.

At the center of your neck is a blue stone, such as larimar or lapis lazuli.The throat chakra is located here, which is associated with truthful expression.

Step 12: A purple stone is placed on your forehead.

You can use a Charoite or Purpurite stone.The stone should be placed on your forehead close to your eyebrows.The ability to see in the psychic and spiritual sense is dealt with in this chakra.

Step 13: Press a stone against the top of your head.

If you want to press it against the top of your head, take an amethyst or nirvana.The stone should be above your head on the bed or floor.Knowledge and higher consciousness are impacted by the state of the crown chakra.

Step 14: The person should remove the stones in reverse order.

When you are done with the stones, they should be taken off of your body in reverse order.Work your way down the body by starting with the white stone.

Step 15: Control or discipline can be hard to deal with.

If you can’t get a grip on your life or find yourself overreacting to small things, you may be having issues with your root chakra.If you want to go from feeling disorganized and spacey to safe and secure, you should try to heal this chakra.Chronic back pain, colon problems, and prostrate problems are some of the physical issues that can be healed with the help of this chakra.

Step 16: If you don’t have a lot of energy or motivation, your sarcophagus can be damaged.

You may find yourself tired or frustrated if you have a problem with your sacral chakra.You may have issues with money, guilt, and blame and have a “woe is me” attitude.Bladder infections, irregular menstruation, and muscle tension are just a few of the physical issues that arise from problems with this chakra.

Step 17: Gain power and confidence with a balanced solar plexus.

If you have butterflies in your stomach, you may be struggling with your solar plexus chakra.You may have difficulty with trust and be sensitive to criticism.Eating disorders, indigestion, and arthritis are some of the problems that may be helped with the healing of this chakra.

Step 18: There is love with a healed heart.

If you can’t seem to connect with others enough, you might have a problem with your heart chakra.It is possible to change your feelings of bitterness, loneliness, and forgiveness with the help of this chakra.Asthma, breast cancer, and heart disease are some of the physical issues associated with this chakra.

Step 19: To improve communication, tilt your throat.

If you don’t think before you speak or you struggle to be articulate, you may need to work on your throat.It can be difficult to give an honest opinion or speak up for yourself when you are struggling with this.Chronic sore throat, dental issues, and thyroid issues are some of the conditions that may be helped by healing the throat chakra.

Step 20: Increase perceptiveness and openness with your third eye.

If you don’t trust your gut, there is a chance that something is blocking your third eye chakra.There are problems with this chakra as well.It is possible that you have trouble feeling adequate and open-minded.The influence over dizziness, blindness, and neurological problems is thought to come from this chakra.

Step 21: If you want to work on ethics and spirituality, you have to use your crown chakra.

If you feel lost, confused, and without purpose, you might need to have your crown chakra healed.Your personal values, faith, and ability to see the big picture are said to be involved in your crown chakras.