How To Use an Acupressure Mat

The mats look scary, but they are safe to use.These mats are usually covered in plastic spikes and can be used at home to replace in-person treatment.After a long day, take a break and relax with your mat.You can start using your mat on a regular basis if you enjoy using it.

Step 1: Get dressed in casual clothes.

Slip into a tank top or other shirt, along with a pair of shorts or yoga pants.You don’t want your bare skin touching the mat because it’s covered with spiky discs.You should dress like you are about to workout or practice yoga.

Step 2: You can drape a yoga mat on a sturdy surface.

You can find open space in your home that is large enough to fit your mat.If your yoga mat is larger than your acupressure mat, the tool will go on top of it.If you don’t have a yoga mat, you can use a large blanket or towel.

Step 3: Put your mat on the yoga mat.

To make sure the plastic spikes are facing up, unroll your mat.Place the pillow at the top of the mat.Chances are, your mat is not very long.That is normal!Specific parts of your body can be treated with anaphylactic mats.

Step 4: You can adjust to the mat by setting a timer or alarm.

If you have a cooking timer or phone, you can monitor how long you use the mat.If you are using the mat for the first time, you should set your timer to 10 minutes.The timer can be set to 20 minutes as you get used to the mat.The timer can be set for up to 40 minutes.

Step 5: Put your back on the mat.

Since there are a lot of spikes, it will feel prickly and weird at first.Place your full weight on the mat slowly.Don’t fall onto the surface!You don’t want to hurt or scratch yourself in the process of using the mats.

Step 6: Until you feel comfortable, move yourself around a bit.

It’s normal to feel weird and uncomfortable at first as you get used to the mat.Take care of your back, shoulders, and bottom until you find a relaxing position.Your body has time to adjust if you move slowly.It may take a while before you are comfortable on the mat.Don’t worry, as this is normal.

Step 7: Rest and relax on the mat.

Take a deep breath and close your eyes, as you relax on the mat.Don’t shift and roll around, just stay as still as possible.Lift yourself slowly off the mat when the timer goes off.

Step 8: You can use the mat up to four times a week.

You can find times throughout the week to relax.If you can create a regular routine for yourself, consider what days and times you have the most free time.You may notice that you are less stressed with consistent use.

Step 9: If you have lower back pain, Tuck your knees.

Pull your heels to the edge of your bottom when you bring your knees up.If you keep your legs in this position, the plastic spikes on your mat will target your lower back.The best way to target certain parts of your back is to lay flat on the mat.

Step 10: Place your feet on a mat or pillow.

You can rest your feet on a mat or pillow while sitting in a chair.With your arms, cushion your face as you relax.Rest for 10 to 20 minutes depending on your comfort level.For people who are on their feet all day, this is a great option.You can stand on the mat as well.

Step 11: Lie on your stomach after exercising.

Slowly lower yourself onto the mat.Put your arms under your head and neck to be as comfortable as possible.As you do this, try to center your chest and abdomen.Circulation and digestion may be helped by this position.

Step 12: Sitting upright on the mat improves your posture.

Place your bottom on the plastic spikes and keep your legs straight.If you want to give yourself some support, place your arms back on the yoga mat.Good posture can be encouraged by sitting straight on your mat.

Step 13: The cobra position is where to rest to soothe your quads.

Lift your upper body with your arms if you want to create the cobra position.Focus on centering your thighs and groin area on the mat by creating a gentle curve with your back.This is a great way to end your workout.If you are dealing with some muscle pain, you can use this.

Step 14: It’s a good idea to incorporate your mat into everyday activities.

While watching TV, relax on your mat with your favorite book.If you have a busy lifestyle, you can drape your mat over a chair and relax.