How To Use a Winch

Sometimes you will find yourself stuck on rocks or in a pit of mud while driving off-road.If you have a winch on your vehicle, you should be able to get yourself unstuck.You need a sturdy anchor to attach your winch to.Once you have rigged your winch, you can slowly pull your vehicle out.

Step 1: The remote control can be plugged into the winch.

The remote control should be attached to a long cord.Attach the plug at the end of the cord to the receptacle on the outside.Put the remote control in your vehicle by running the cord from the winch to the driver’s seat.

Step 2: Put on thick gloves.

Gloves are always on when handling a cable.You could be cut by the cable.

Step 3: You can anchor your winch to something in front of your car.

A boulder, tree trunk, or other vehicle is ideal.If you anchor your winch to something weak, it will break.Try to find an anchor that is straight in front of your vehicle.

Step 4: The disengage lever can be used to release the cable.

The outside of the winch is where the disengage lever should be.The lever should have an option to disengage.This will allow you to manually pull out the cable from the winch.

Step 5: Pull the cable all the way to the anchor.

If you pull too much of the cable out, you’ll create unnecessary slack.Next to the anchor is the end of the cable.Look for another anchor that’s closer to your vehicle if the winch cable doesn’t reach it.

Step 6: Wrap a tree trunk around the anchor.

A nylon strap with two loops is used to protect a tree trunk.The two end loops are facing you.The loops are in your hand.You can find a tree trunk protectors at your local hardware store or online.

Step 7: The D-shackle has 2 loops on it.

A D-shackle is a curved shackle with a large pin.Put the curved part of the D-shackle through the loops on the tree trunk protectors.Once the loops are on the shackle, twist the pin to tighten it.

Step 8: The tip of the hook is facing up.

The end of the cable is where the winch hook is located.

Step 9: The disengage lever needs to be turned back on.

You want the lever to be in the position it was before you released the cable.The cable will not come out of the winch.

Step 10: Slowly pull the taut cable with the winch remote.

The button on the remote control can be used to pull the cable back into the winch.This will cause the cable to tighten.When the cable is taut, stop pressing the button.

Step 11: Everyone needs to clear the area.

No one should be standing in front of your vehicle.People shouldn’t be standing near the cable.Before you start pulling, make sure to double check.If they are in the way, they could be seriously injured.

Step 12: You should get in the driver’s seat.

You can grab the remote control from the front seat.You should stay in the vehicle the whole time.

Step 13: Use the remote control to slowly lift the vehicle.

Don’t try to get your vehicle out in a hurry.You want to work slowly.You can pull your car out by pressing the button on the remote control.As your vehicle is pulled out, you should feel it moving forward.This will keep you from going too fast if you release the button every few seconds.Press the gas pedal while you pull your vehicle out to help move it forward.

Step 14: Once your vehicle is stable, stop winching.

You will know you are on stable ground when your vehicle is flat and you can drive it forward.With your finger off the remote control button, gently press the gas pedal to see if you can drive forward.

Step 15: The cable is from the D-shackle.

For now, leave the D-shackle hooked to the tree trunk protectors.After you take care of the cable, you’ll get those.

Step 16: The remote control can be used to slow down the winch cable.

Take the end of the cable out of your hand and walk it back to the winch.You shouldn’t let the cable slide through your hands when you’re working on it.

Step 17: The remote control from the winch needs to be unplugged.

Attach the cord to the remote control.You can keep the remote control in a dry place.

Step 18: The D-shackle and tree trunk protectors need to be retrieved from the anchor.

Remove the pin from the D-shackle and slide the shackle off the protectors.Put the pin back in the D-shackle.You can keep the D-shackle and tree trunk protectors in your vehicle.