How To Use a Kitchen Torch

A kitchen torch is a great accessory.You can use a kitchen torch to add smoky or carmelized depth to your dishes.Simple safety precautions are needed to avoid burns and torch taste.It is a relatively simple tool to use and can help you bring depth to a range of recipes.

Step 1: You can buy a torch.

If you want to keep an eye on how much fuel is left in your torch, you should look for one that has a fuel gauge.Selecting a torch that has hands-free operation will allow you to operate the torch without holding down the on button.Specialty kitchen stores and online can be used to purchase a kitchen torch.Kitchen torches cost between $30 and $60.Gas, butane or other fuels can be used for kitchen torches.If you purchase a torch online, you need to know where to get the fuel in your neighborhood so that you can refill it.The back of a kitchen torch has fuel canisters on it.

Step 2: Take safety precautions.

The fan should be turned on in the kitchen.The fire extinguisher is located in the kitchen.Remove kitchen towels and plastic items to clear a surface for torching.Prepare for torching by placing a metal tray or cast iron grill on your kitchen counter.If your clothing gets in the way of the flame, you should wear a kitchen apron.Common metals such as aluminum and copper can be melted with a kitchen torch.Fleece jackets tend to be quite dangerous.

Step 3: The metal tray is strong enough to hold your food items.

Food items should be prepared before you turn on your torch.Food can be placed on a metal tray, such as a steel cooking tray or a cast iron grill.There are plastic items in the vicinity of your work area.

Step 4: Wait for a blue flame when you light the torch.

You need to light the torch before eating.You have to wait a few seconds for the yellow or orange flame to go away.You are ready to torch when you see a small flame.If you cook before seeing the small blue flame, you will get torch taste.Fuel can cause torch taste.

Step 5: Make sure you have a clean nozzle.

The blow torch will get dirty if you use it a lot.Poor aim could be caused by food items covering the nozzle.If you end up getting old food on the dish you are cooking, it will have a poor flavor.You can clean the nozzle with a rag or cloth.

Step 6: Aim the torch away from you.

The torch should be pointing away from you.A kitchen torch can cause second and third degree burns.In order to avoid lighting yourself on fire, you should make sure that you are wearing appropriate clothing and that it is not in the way of the flame.

Step 7: A sweeping motion is used.

To properly torch your food item, you should slowly move the torch back and forth across the area that you want to grill or char.You are more likely to burn your food item if you just point the torch at one spot.

Step 8: The gas should be turned off.

When you’re done torching, turn off the hands-free operation and turn the gas on the torch.You can store your torch once the gas is turned off.You should turn off the torch if you are not using the hands-free version.

Step 9: Before baking, cook meat and fish.

It is possible to bake a meat or fish dish before putting it in the oven.To give it a bit of a crisp outside, lightly torch the surface.Follow your normal recipe and put it in the oven.Since you will get the smoky and crisp effects from the grill, you won’t need to use the torch.

Step 10: Grill marks should be made.

If you are stuck indoors, you could use your torch to recreate the look of a barbeque.Grill lines can be made with your blowtorch after cooking steaks, burgers or veggies.Simply move the torch back and forth over the same area to make a line, and then repeat the process to create a series of grill lines on the meat.

Step 11: It’s a good idea to caramelize sugar on fruits and desserts.

Adding a torch to your desserts will give them an extra depth of flavor that your guests will love.If you are making a pie, use your torch to cook the sugar on top.When the pie is out of the oven, make sure to burn the sugar on top.You can put sugar on top of fruit.

Step 12: Some peppers can be roasted.

Don’t buy canned peppers in the grocery store if you’re making an Italian or Spanish dish that requires grilled peppers.Purchase fresh peppers and then grill them yourself.They could be used in pasta sauce to add a smoky flavor.