How To Untangle Severely Matted Hair

If your hair gets matted, try a deep conditioner or oil.You should be able to untangle your hair after leaving these hair treatments.It’s less painful and more effective to comb it out without hair treatment.

Step 1: You can choose a treatment.

If your hair is matted, you may need to resort to another option.Detangling conditioners are meant to add more slip to your hair, while deep conditioners make them easier to untangle.It is possible to use coconut oil, olive oil or argan oil instead.If you don’t like the smell of oil in your hair, you can use a hair detangling spray.mayonnaise is less effective than other options and may cause an unpleasant smell.

Step 2: Wet your hair a bit.

Hold your hair under a shower or sink at low water pressure, or spray it with a spray bottle of water.If you let the hair become dripping wet, it may be more susceptible to breakage, which is why most hair treatments are meant to be applied to damp hair.

Step 3: Rub the treatment into your hair.

If you have hair that grows past your shoulders, you can use up to two handfuls.The treatment should be applied to all parts of your hair.If you want to avoid tangling your hair, Rub it in to each section of it’s own.

Step 4: Wait for the treatment to work on your hair.

If you use an ordinary conditioner, it will finish hydrating your hair in a few minutes.For maximum effect, coconut oil and similar oils should be left in for at least 30 minutes.Deep conditioners are usually left for at least an hour and may be left in overnight for extreme cases.To keep your hair out of the way, wear a plastic shower cap or plastic bag with a hairband.A tight-fitting hat over the plastic may help speed up the process.

Step 5: You can untangle the knots with your fingers.

Once the hair treatment is over, try to untangle the tangled sections of your hair.Small knots or loose mats can sometimes be pulled into smaller tangles from the root side of the knot.Don’t expect your hair to be untangled completely during this step.Try a different area if you feel tension.

Step 6: Use a wide toothed comb.

It’s important to have a comb with sturdy teeth for combing out tangles.You can either stop brushing or pull out clumps of hair, because fine combs and brushes are likely to meet too much resistance.It’s important to pick a comb that doesn’t have teeth that are too wide.

Step 7: The ends should be combed first.

The hair should always be combed near the ends.Place the comb a few inches from the end of the hair.Move the comb slightly higher up until that section of hair is free of tangles.Continue until your hair is combed.This can take an hour or more for thick, matted hair.

Step 8: To prevent pain, hold your hair up.

If you have a sensitive scalp, hold a section of your hair as you brush it.If you want to keep the comb from pulling on your hair, you need to grasp a portion of hair about the thickness of a marker or glue stick between your fingers.Once the hair is untangled, move your grip higher and comb this portion of hair beneath your hand.

Step 9: If necessary, apply additional conditioner or oil.

Rub the conditioner or oil on the knot with your finger.Reducing the amount of cling to each other will help lubricate those hair strands.

Step 10: There are mats with scissors.

If you can’t break a mat of hair, you may need to thin it out.Hold your hair tight with your other hand as you open a pair of scissors.Run the bottom blade of the scissors along the mat and gently tug at your hair.If you haven’t combed your hair in weeks or months, cutting mats out may be your best option as you can spend hours detangling with no results.

Step 11: Finish with a brush or comb.

The mats and tangles need to be straightened out with a wide-toothed comb.To remove knots, use a fine-toothed comb or brush.

Step 12: It’s time to wash your hair.

Once your hair is untangled, rinse out any hair treatments.If you have tightly coiled hair and the mats separated enough to allow you to part it, clip each section of hair to keep them separate and rinse one at a time.

Step 13: Leave-in conditioners can be used.

Leave-in conditioners can be used for a long time.When your hair dries out, they keep it moist and smooth.

Step 14: If your hair is wet, brush it.

Too dry hair is hard to brush.It becomes weak and easy to pull out when it’s wet.You can find the middle ground by brushing or combing your hair after a shower.

Step 15: Before you go to sleep, braid your hair.

If you wake up with your hair in a tangle, braid it before you go to bed to minimize the amount of tangling that can happen.You can put your hair in a bun.

Step 16: Before washing hair, separate it easily.

If you have afro-textured hair, clip it into several sections to keep it untangled.When washing your hair, unclip the sections one at a time and clip them back together.There was a chance of larger mats forming.A mild, low-sudsing cleanser is recommended for this type of hair.