How To Turn Jeans into Shorts

The cutoff jean shorts are the epitome of the best fashion items.There’s something about them that says summer, right up there with their bleach blonde hair and airy sundresses.You don’t have to spend a dime to get a pair of cutoffs.Instructions on how to turn jeans into cutoffs are provided in this article.

Step 1: Pick a pair of jeans that will turn into shorts.

The jeans that fit you well will be in the hips, butt and thighs.baggy jeans and tight jeans will become baggy shorts.It’s not a good idea to turn stretchy jeans into shorts.They usually have pieces of rubber or plastic woven in with the fabric, and those won’t look good dangling from the bottom of the shorts.khaki fabrics can be turned into shorts.Take a look at the tag and make sure it’s 100 percent cotton or close to it.

Step 2: Shrink the jeans.

If you want to convert a pair of jeans that have never been washed, you should run them through the washer and dryer.This will shrink the jeans so they aren’t shorter than you want them to be.

Step 3: Do you want the shorts to be long or short?

Depending on how loose or tight your jeans are, choose from the following lengths: capris are cut off right at the calf, and look great with heels or sandals.If you don’t want to make a drastic change, capris are a good choice.capris look better as skinny jeans than loose-fitting jeans.You want the bottoms of the capris to hug your calves, not swim around them.They hit above the knee.Depending on the type of jeans you’re converting, bermudas can be super comfy or incredibly stylish.If you’re looking for a roomy, comfortable pair of shorts you can live in all summer, convert your jeans to bermudas.The tight-fitting jeans that hug the thighs and knees look great with a flowy top.The shorts are above the knee.This style can be dressed up or down.Classic shorts are great for both loose and tight-fitting jeans.If you’re working with jeans that have holes or other damage below the knees, classic shorts are a good length.The shorts have a length of 2–3 inches.Pair these with a cute bikini top on the beach.Short shorts look better with tighter jeans.You risk having too much upper thigh exposure with loose jeans.When choosing this option, be careful.If you want shorter shorts, you can always take a few more inches off, but you cannot go back once you cut off too much.

Step 4: Put the jeans on.

Use chalk or a safety pin to mark where on the jeans you plan to cut off: at the calves, knees, mid-thighs, or upper thighs.Once you’ve marked the spot, remove the jeans.As the jeans fray, they will get shorter.The spot you mark should be about an inch below the length you want the shorts to be.If you don’t want fringe, mark a spot below your final length.If you plan to cuff the shorts, mark a spot at least three inches below your final length.

Step 5: Place the jeans on the flat surface.

If you don’t have a large enough surface, you can lay them on the floor.

Step 6: Align the ruler with the cut off mark.

It’s best to tilt it toward the jeans’ outer part.Use chalk to trace the path.Continue with the other leg.The cutting paths should form a “v” shape below the crotch.This results in a more flattering final look than simply cutting the jeans.Unless you want the shorts to look shorter toward the thighs, don’t say the “v” too much.

Step 7: The shorts need to be cut.

You must cut in a straight line.To get the best results, use fabric scissors, which are designed to cut through heavy fabrics.Don’t worry if your line is not perfect.The little crooked parts won’t be seen when the shorts are torn.

Step 8: You can try the shorts.

Taking into account the extra inch or few inches shorter they will be in the end, are the lengths you had in mind correct?It’s possible that you actually want capris instead of bermudas.Take a look and make a decision.

Step 9: Think about hemming the shorts.

If you don’t want to have a line of fringe around the bottom of the shorts, you’ll need to hem them.Use a sewing machine to hem the shorts after folding the edges under one-fourth of an inch.If you don’t have a sewing machine, fold the edges under one-fourth of an inch and sew around the edge of the shorts by hand.

Step 10: The shorts should be cuffed.

If you want to cuff the shorts, you should still stitch around the edge.Use a sewing machine to sew around the edge of the legs.If you want to create a cuff, fold the shorts up again.Press the cuffs into place with an iron.You can sew up the side of the cuffs to keep the shorts cuffed at the same length.

Step 11: You can create a fringe.

It’s time to wash your shorts if you’re going for the classic fringe look.A nice line of fringe can be produced by putting them through the regular wash and dry cycle.You can repeat the wash and dry cycle if you want more fringe.If you want to prevent the shorts from unraveling, wash and dry until they have the desired amount of fringe, then sew around the legs where the fringe meets the denim.

Step 12: Add some glamour.

Use paint to decorate your shorts, or sew on beads and sequins in a pretty pattern.If you need help deciding what pattern to make, you can buy sequin and bead kits at most fabric stores.There are fabric stores that sell fabric paint.To create a neat image, use stencils.

Step 13: Distress your shorts.

Do you want your shorts to look like you have been wearing them for a long time?To destroy them, use a cheese grater or steel wool.Rub the tools around the pockets of the shorts and thighs for a distressed look.Rub the tools around the bottom of the shorts.

Step 14: Your shorts should be holey.

Slits in the front of your jeans can be cut with scissors or a knife.Cut the slit at different angles or try to get them parallel if you want to change your look.There are small holes in the shorts.You can widen the holes with your fingers.The next time you wash them, the holes will look better.

Step 15: You should bleach your shorts.

If you want to lighten certain areas, you can make a bleach pattern.In a plastic container, mix two parts water and one part bleach.Put your pants in the bathtub and sprinkle the solution over them.If you want, you can concentrate the bleach in certain areas and experiment with different patterns.Once you’re happy with the color, run the jeans under cold water and then wash them in the washing machine without detergent.There are rubber bands that can be used for more of an acid-wash effect.Put your jeans together and tie them off with rubber bands.The jeans should be stuck in a vat or tub filled with a bleach solution of two parts water to one part bleach.Leave for 20 to 60 minutes, depending on the desired color, and wash them off under running water.Run them through the wash alone.