How To Treat Treadmill Burns

As more people work out indoors, treadmill burns are common.They usually happen when your leg rubs against the belt on the treadmill.These can be painful, but don’t worry!Treadmill burns can be taken care of with some simple first-aid tips.

Step 1: Run the water for 20 minutes after rinsing the burn.

You should do this after you get burned.Put your faucet in a cool, not cold, temperature and keep the affected area under it for 10 minutes.The water cleans the wound and cools it off.Do not use ice or cold water on the burn.The skin could be damaged more if the temperature is too low.Putting butter or toothpaste on a burn is not a home remedy.These traps will make the burn worse.

Step 2: Around the burn, remove clothing or jewelry.

There are things that could cut off circulation to the area.Keep the burn clean and free of dirt by taking off anything around it.Don’t try to remove anything that is stuck to the burn.This will cause more damage.If you leave it attached, a doctor can remove it later.

Step 3: If the skin isn’t broken, cover the burn with a clean cloth.

The area should be protected.If the skin is broken or the cloth sticks to the burn, don’t do this.You can use plastic wrap to cover the burn until you get medical attention.Make sure the things you use are clean.If you don’t, you could cause a serious disease.

Step 4: If your burn is large, seek medical attention.

If you have small or minor burns, you can treat them at home.If your skin is broken or your burn is larger than a quarter, you should see a doctor.If you have a burn on your face, it’s a good idea to get a medical professional to look at it.You should see your doctor as soon as possible in these cases.In most cases, the doctor will give instructions for home care after cleaning and inspecting the burn.Sometimes a treadmill burn is serious enough to need skin transplant.

Step 5: The burn should be washed with clean water.

In the morning and evening, take the bandage off and put your burn under the water.Let the water flow over the burn, don’t scrub it.The dirt should be removed and the infections prevented.Rub the burn gently with a clean towel to dry it.Unless your doctor tells you to, don’t use soap or alcohol to clean your wound.They can make the burn take longer to heal.

Step 6: To keep the burn moist, apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly.

It can help the burn heal quicker and prevent scarring.Before putting on a bandage, rub a small amount on the burn.If you want to prevent an infection, you could use an antibacterial cream.

Step 7: The burn should be covered with a bandage or pad.

Put a fresh bandage over the burn when you washed and dried it.The best pad is a sterile one.Attach the sides with medical tape after pressing the pad over the burn.It helps prevent infections and protects the burn.If you use a sticky bandage, make sure it doesn’t touch the burn.It will be very painful to take it off.Don’t use packing tape or duct tape, it would be difficult to remove.Every time you wash the burn, use a fresh bandage.

Step 8: Pick at any blisters.

If it was a nasty burn, treadmills tend to cause blisters.Don’t leave the blisters unattended.Picking at them could cause a scar or an infection, since they protect your skin while it heals.It is normal for blisters to leak.Pick at the skin if the blisters open.It’s a good idea to wash it with soap and water every day, dry it, and put a non-stick bandage on it.

Step 9: To make yourself more comfortable, take an OTC pain relief.

Pain medication should be used if the burn hurts while it heals.If you follow the instructions on the package, you can take an over-the-counter pain relief.

Step 10: Call your doctor if the burn is bad.

Increased redness, swelling, and pain are signs of an illness.It could take longer than 10 days to heal the burn.You should call your doctor if you notice any of these signs.Don’t worry if the burn gets sick.An antibiotic will be given to you by the doctor to knock the infection out.

Step 11: The treadmill should be placed away from walls and objects.

A serious burn could be caused if you get caught between the treadmill belt and the wall.To avoid accidents like this, leave plenty of free space on the treadmill.The space behind the treadmill and on either side should be left empty.If there are children or pets around, it is important that they are not caught in the belt.

Step 12: Before you start, tie your shoelaces tightly.

You can get caught in the treadmill belt if you have loose shoelaces.Before you start running, make sure your laces are tight.If your shoelaces become untied at any point during your workout, stop the treadmill and wait for the belt to stop moving, then re-tie them.Make sure your pants aren’t too long or they could get caught in the belt.

Step 13: You can speed the treadmill up or down.

If you do too much on the treadmill you could fall.You don’t want to hurt yourself when you keep the speed at a manageable level.When you increase the speed, do it slowly.Take it easy on your top speed.

Step 14: Attach the safety clip to your shirt.

If you pull the treadmill out too far, the safety clip will stop it.It is important that you clip it to your shirt when you use the treadmill.If you can’t stay forward enough to avoid triggering the shut-off, then you have the speed set too high.You can stay close to the front of the treadmill if you lower the speed a bit.

Step 15: The treadmill should come to a complete stop.

It is tempting to stop on the treadmill as soon as possible.Even if the belt is moving slowly, you could lose your balance and fall.Walk slowly until the belt stops completely.