How To Treat Tail Injuries in Gerbils

A gerbil’s tail is one of the most delicate parts of its body.The tail is designed to tear off if a predator grabs it.The gerbil’s injured tail should heal on its own.You should take your gerbil to the vet if it gets sick.Don’t hurt your gerbil if you lift it wrong.Make sure that your gerbil’s habitat and toys don’t hurt his tail.

Step 1: Your gerbil has a tail.

A gerbil tail can be as long as 9 cm.Give it a good look if you notice that it is shorter.You should keep an eye on the tail even if it heals on its own.It scabbing over a bit, and losing some redness that may have been there initially.

Step 2: If your gerbil’s tail gets sick, take it to the vet.

If you notice that your gerbil’s tail is red or swollen, you should take it to the vet.This is a sign that the tail is sick and needs medical attention.If your gerbil has an illness, they might have a high temperature.If your gerbil has a tail injury, it’s a good idea to check their ears and feet to make sure they’re okay.A gerbil may refuse to eat or drink.If you notice a change in appetite or thirst, take your gerbil to the vet.

Step 3: Your vet will prescribe antibiotics for gerbils.

If there is no need for amputation and the infection is not too severe, your vet will give you antibiotics to administer to your gerbil.Your vet will tell you the correct amount to use.This will get your gerbil back to being healthy and happy.Baytril is the most common antibiotic given to gerbils, and you should give it to them in pill form.If your gerbil won’t take the pill from you, you have to mix it with its food.Don’t give gerbil antibiotics that were not prescribed by your vet.Some antibiotics can kill a gerbil.

Step 4: If the infection is severe, you should have your gerbil’s tail amputation.

If the skin on your gerbil’s tail has come off, you might need to have it removed.A local anesthetic and antibiotics will be given to your gerbil by your vet.Your gerbil’s tail will not grow back after this amputation.Your gerbil won’t miss it if it heals correctly.The cost of the amputation depends on how much needs to be removed, but usually starts at around $100.

Step 5: Don’t pick your gerbil up by the tail.

This can cause the thin outer skin on the tail to slip.It will require the amputation of the gerbil’s tail.

Step 6: Pick up your gerbil with care.

Put your hands under the gerbil.To lightly hold your gerbil’s tail, use 2 fingers.The gerbil can be lifted into the air.Holding its tail will prevent it from jumping off your hands and make it less likely that they suffer from tail slip.

Step 7: To get your gerbil to hop, train it.

If you train your gerbil to hop into your hands automatically, it will be less likely to get injured when you pick it up.Place both of your hands on the ground near your gerbil.If you have a gerbil, put a seed in your hands.As your gerbil gets more comfortable in your hands, you won’t need a seed.Your gerbil will learn to walk on its own.

Step 8: Gerbils are good for older children.

Younger children are more likely to pick up gerbils because they don’t know any better.A child who is 8 years old should be able to handle a gerbil.If you get your child a gerbil, make sure you watch them while they play with it outside.If you want to play with your gerbil, you have to keep all of the doors to the room closed, treat it gently, and never, ever hit it.

Step 9: The gerbil’s tail is the base.

Don’t pull on the end of the gerbil’s tail if it gets stuck in its cage.The tail should be held between 2 fingers at the base of the body.You can use your other hand to untangle the rest of its tail.

Step 10: A terrarium is needed to house your gerbil.

The gerbils can get through small openings.A glass tank gives your gerbil enough room to play and run, but won’t have openings where they can get their tail caught.If you have more than one gerbil, use a 38 liter terrarium.Add another 5 gallons (19 liters) to the size of the terrarium for each additional gerbil.Your gerbils can’t escape if your terrarium has a mesh lid.

Step 11: There are gerbil tail-safe toys and accessories.

Gerbils are able to get their tails caught in their wheels.Solid wheels are best for gerbils because they won’t get stuck in them.There shouldn’t be any space between the tubes where your gerbil’s tail can get caught.The bigger the toys and wheels for your gerbils, the better.They have more space to run and play.

Step 12: Let your gerbil go somewhere safe.

You should remove anything they might be tempted to chew on, like electrical cords, newspapers, plastic or wood objects.Don’t let your gerbil fall or catch its tail behind the shelving units, the heating vent, or the door jamb.

Step 13: Keep your gerbil away from other animals.

Close the door to the room where your gerbil is running free if you have other pets.Cats can see gerbils as prey and pounce on them, leading to injury or even death.If your gerbil’s tail is injured, it could be even more serious.