How To Treat a Hangover

It’s the morning after the craziest party you’ve ever been to.Your stomach feels like it’s performing the crazy dance moves you did on top of the table last night, and your head might explode at any moment–you can’t tell which.The bad news is that the hangover has hit.Follow the guidelines to survive the day.

Step 1: You should drink water.

Re-hydrating yourself is one of the most important things you can do to recover from a bad night of partying.You should drink 8 to 10 glasses of water over the course of the morning.Alcohol causes your body to lose water by stimulating it to excrete more water than you drink.Water passes out of your body when you drink more alcohol.Symptoms include dizziness, headaches, nausea, dry mouth and fatigue.A hangover is caused by a combination of alcohol metabolism, dehydration, and vitamins A, B and C.

Step 2: Take a pain medication.

Your head is throbbing because alcohol widens blood vessels, and the widening of vessels around the brain can cause pain.Pain killers can take away the pain of a bad night for a short time.Advil and Ibuprofen are good pain killers.If you have alcohol in your system, you should avoid acetaminophens as they are tough on your liver.Alcohol can cause damage to the liver.

Step 3: It’s a good idea to eat plain, starchy foods.

When hungover, bagels, toast, and crackers are good for you.Chances are you don’t feel like eating much anyway, even if they are not the best snacks.Plain carbs will help increase your blood sugar and settle your stomach.

Step 4: Go to sleep.

Your body doesn’t get a chance to enter R.E.M. when you drink excessively and pass out in bed.Sleeping with rapid eye movement.R.E.M.When you are most at rest, the state is when your body restores itself.Put on some soothing music and get a few more hours of sleep by crawling back into bed.If you’re too sick to work or school, you might consider calling in sick.Taking a sick day will allow your body to repair the damage from last night.

Step 5: Relax by eating soothing food.

Eating foods that replenish your vitamins and calm your stomach will do you nothing but good.

Step 6: Eat apples and bananas.

It is possible to eliminate your headaches by eating apples and bananas.The two fruits are great for regaining potassium.

Step 7: Make eggs.

You can either scramble them, fry them or soft boil them.A side effect of excessive alcohol consumption is the effects of acetaldehyde.

Step 8: Tomatoes are good to eat.

Tomatoes can refresh you.You can juice them or add salt and pepper to them.Fructose is found in tomatoes and helps with the metabolism of alcohol.A little lime juice can be added to tomato juice.

Step 9: You can eat coconut.

There is something in coconuts that your body needs.If you don’t feel like finding a coconut to split open with a rock, drink coconut water.

Step 10: Try some of the soup.

It’s a great food to consume when you have a bad night as it provides water and electrolytes, both of which act against dehydration.Salt and potassium are lost when you drink all of those whiskey sours.

Step 11: You can use cabbage.

It is possible that cabbage can act as a healing agent.You can mix cabbage juice with tomato juice.Blood sugar levels are stable with the help of cabbage.

Step 12: Drink a lot of liquid.

It’s important to re-hydrating yourself in order to stay healthy.Liquids that help to restore electrolytes, rehydrate you, and settle your stomach are some of the liquids that can be found.

Step 13: There is a flat ginger beer.

It is a good time to clear out your fridge of that bottle of soda.It’s a good way to soothe your stomach.

Step 14: It’s a good idea to drink pedialyte.

Your body will feel better in no time if you use pedialyte for children.It re-hydrates you quickly because it has less sugar than sports drinks.It tastes good and is rich in vitamins, which is why parents give it to their kids.Your inner hungover child will thank you.

Step 15: Drink sports drinks.

Your body feels like it did when you played in the NBA or went on a 10K run.Sports drinks are meant to replenish lost vitamins and minerals.

Step 16: There are some ice pops.

Ice pops are a great way to start the re-hydration process.They will keep you from feeling bloated when you wake up after a night of drinking.

Step 17: Drink juice.

juices such as orange, pineapple or mango are a great way to replenish vitamins and minerals in your body.You don’t want to drink a whole carton of OJ.

Step 18: There are some herbal remedies that you can try.

Herbal remedies can help replenish lost vitamins.

Step 19: You can use milk thistle.

Milk thistle is recommended for people who have problems with the bile duct.You are one of those people.Some people say they feel better after drinking milk thistle.Milk thistle pills and tea can be purchased.

Step 20: Take some honey.

The gift of bees, honey, can be used to treat the effects of a bad night of partying.You can raise your fructose levels with the help of honey.If you want to consume honey in a less sweet way, try boiling some water and adding honey to it.

Step 21: Try lemon.

Lemon is good for your body.Prepare some lemon tea to get rid of toxins in your body.

Step 22: If you want to settle your stomach, chew on ginger.

The store that sells ginger candy works well.The fresh ginger root can be boiled in four cups of water.You can add lemon juice and honey to the ginger tea you get.

Step 23: The leaves should be boiled in the water.

After five minutes of simmering the mixture, strain the tea.Drink this tea when it’s warm.It helps to settle your stomach and soothe sore muscles.

Step 24: Take the activated charcoal pills.

Don’t just crush up the charcoal around the house.You can get charcoal pills at the pharmacy.Activated charcoal is an absorbent, which means it attacks bad molecule and carries them out of the body.

Step 25: You can take a pill.

B12 plays a large part in the functioning of the nervous system and brain.You can give your body a boost by taking a supplement.You can eat food that is rich in B vitamins.Whole grain wheat, cold milk and orange are some of the most useful foods.

Step 26: You can take a pill.

It’s important that you have a good supply of thescorbic acid, also known asVitamin C.Alcohol depletes your immune system, making you susceptible to colds and other viruses.A lot of free radicals are released into our body when we drink alcohol.It helps fight free radicals in our body and it also helps alleviate headaches.Emergen-C is one of the best ways to increase your vitamins C levels while also drinking something that tastes great.

Step 27: Take supplements.

N-acetylcysteine replenishes your stores.N-acetylcysteine works against acetaldehyde toxicity, which is a reason why a lot of people suck as much as they do.

Step 28: Try to sleep and lay still.

Sleep, water, and time are the three things that are guaranteed to cure a bad night’s sleep.Put on your favorite movie or music and close your eyes if you can’t sleep.The world might feel spinning, but you are on the road to recovery.

Step 29: Light exercise is what you should get.

Try to get some exercise if you don’t get enough sleep.Go for a walk, jog, or swim a few laps.If nothing else, exercising will help you to get out of the dark place you’ve found yourself in after a night of partying.Some people believe that exercise increases the ability of your body to metabolize alcohol.Your body will start to excrete properly when it starts metabolizing.

Step 30: Loud noises and bright light can be avoided.

It increases your sensitivity to light and sound.You can reduce your pain by closing your blinds, avoiding loud music, and putting a cool cloth on your head.Wear a hat or sunglasses if you have to go outside.

Step 31: Take a bath or shower.

It doesn’t do anything to speed up the expulsion of alcohol from your body, but it will make you feel better.The steam will relieve the pain in your head.Hot water can soothe an upset stomach.

Step 32: Limit how much you drink.

If you want to drink until you are buzzed, then stop.It is best to stop when you are in a good position.Your future self will thank you.

Step 33: After you drink alcohol, eat before, during, and after.

It is important to eat to keep your sugar levels up.It’s a good idea to drink on an empty stomach.Some of the alcohol you drink can be absorbed by certain foods.If you snack throughout the night, you will feel better the next day.

Step 34: Drink water throughout the night.

A big glass of water is what you should start the night with.It is a good idea to stay hydrated.One alcoholic beverage and one glass of water.You should drink two or three glasses of water before you go to bed.It’s a good idea to drink two cups of green tea before you start drinking.

Step 35: Sugary mixed drinks are not recommended.

Too much sugar in drinks will lead to a bad night’s sleep.The sweet-and-sour mix is high in corn syrup, so don’t drink it.A lot of sparkling wines are high in sugar.

Step 36: It’s a good idea to take vitamins before you go to bed.

It’s stated in the vitamins section that vitamins B and C are great ways to fight the effects of a bad night of partying.If you want to get a head start on the battle, you should take the vitamins before you go to bed.Take it with a glass of water.