How To Throw a Palmball

A palmball pitch is slower and more deceptive than a regular changeup.If a palmball pitch is thrown correctly, it will cause onlookers to think that the pitcher is throwing a fast ball.The pitch can fool the batter into swinging before the ball reaches the plate.Whether you play baseball for fun or competition, knowing how to throw a palmball is a great skill.

Step 1: Put the ball in your hand.

It is important to learn the correct form of a palmball because it is different from a fastball due to its placement in the hand.If you are a right-handed person, hold the ball with your ring finger on the top right part of it.If you are left-handed, hold the ball with the middle finger on the top right part of it and the ring finger in the center.

Step 2: Put the ball in your hand.

You want to make sure that the ball is firmly gripped in the palm of your hand.

Step 3: Put your fingers around the ball.

You want to make sure that you don’t touch any of the seams with your fingers.While avoiding the seam, place your thumb on the bottom of the ball.Use your thumb to apply pressure on the ball.

Step 4: Use your entire hand to squeeze the ball.

Applying even pressure on the ball is a vital aspect of throwing a palmball.You will have more control of the speed and direction the ball goes in if the pressure is evenly distributed.

Step 5: The ball needs to be pitched.

To increase the likelihood of fooling the batter, use the same rotation as you would for a fastball motion.Your grip will take a lot of velocity off of the pitch, even though you will be using the same throwing motion.Open your hand as wide as possible when releasing the ball.The trajectory of the ball could be interfered with if you accidentally brush the seams.As you release the ball, don’t snap your wrist.

Step 6: Follow along.

The natural movement of your hand can be followed through.Allow your arm to follow the ball until it comes back to you.Failure to follow through on your pitch could affect the trajectory of your palmball.

Step 7: It’s practice.

This is the easiest way to perfect your palmball technique.You can find a friend who is willing to play catch with you and throw palmballs until the technique becomes second nature to you.Ask your friends who play baseball or a coach to observe and give you feedback.They may be able to demonstrate in person if they have a lot of experience throwing palmballs.

Step 8: There are other pitching drills.

Improve your accuracy with pitching drills.Throwing a palmball is not much use if you can’t get the ball to go towards your goal.You can improve your skills with a variety of pitching drills.If you have someone to practice with, you can do kneeling partner pitches.Both players kneel on the ground with only one ball.Stand 10 feet apart and pitch back and forth.The catcher doesn’t have to extend his arms out to catch the ball if the goal is to pitch with such accuracy.Stand further apart from each other to make the drill more challenging.

Step 9: You can videotape yourself.

Recording and watching you practice throwing palmballs will help you perfect your technique.Small mistakes in our posture, gripping, and pitching are crucial to throwing excellent palmballs.If you want to modify your technique, set up a recorder or have someone record you on your phone.

Step 10: There are videos of baseball players.

The palmball technique is used by many famous pitchers, such as Roy Halladay and Steve Farr.Look up videos of professional baseball players who have used this technique.You can learn a lot from watching the different baseball players and emulating their styles later in your own practice.