How To There is an American Girl Doll.

If your American Girl doll’s hair gets dirty or messy, the first thing you want to do is wash it.If you want to clean your doll’s hair on your own, use gentle products, but be careful not to get her body wet, as American Girl recommends.If your doll has short hair, like Kit, it is better not to wash it at all.

Step 1: Put plastic over your doll’s face and body to keep her dry.

To keep the water out of your doll, wrap a plastic grocery bag around her.Water can ruin your doll’s stuffing and make her eyes rusty.Pull the bag up to her head.Close your doll’s eyes for extra protection.If you don’t have any plastic bags, be careful not to get any water on your doll’s face or body.

Step 2: She has hair clips and hair ties.

Before you start washing your doll, make sure her hair is down.It’s a good idea to remove any braids and twists.

Step 3: Put your doll on the counter in the bathroom.

Place your doll on the counter in the bathroom or kitchen.She should put her hair out in the sink.

Step 4: She needs to wash her hair under the water.

Put your doll’s hair under the water, from the tips up to 2.5 cm from her head.She can damage her wig and loosen the glue holding it in place if her hair is wet.The water should not be too hot or cold.It shouldn’t be too warm or too cold.You can run the water in a stream.It might splash onto your doll if it is turned up too high.

Step 5: She should wash her hair with a mild cleanser.

Just like you would with your hair, squeeze a dime-sized amount of cleanser into your palm and apply it to your doll’s hair.When you are done lathering, rinse her hair under the sink.Special synthetic wig, baby, and mild regular are available.You shouldn’t wash her head more than 1 inch from her scalp.If your doll has something stuck in her hair, you can loosen it with your fingers.You will be brushing it out later if it doesn’t all come out now.

Step 6: She should wash her hair with a little bit of conditioner.

Put a dime-sized amount of conditioner in your palm.Start at the ends and work up to about 2.5 cm from her head.After 5 minutes, rinse it under your sink.Curls might be a little less tight if your doll has curly hair.It is possible to make your doll’s hair less frizzy by conditioning it.You can use any kind of conditioner.If you want to use a regular hydrating conditioner, you can use the brand that goes with it.

Step 7: She needs to pat her hair with a towel.

Put your doll’s head on a towel and spread her hair over it.She needs to pat her hair until it is a little damp, but not dripping.

Step 8: She has damp hair and needs to brush it with a wire brush.

Hold your doll between your legs.To smooth her hair, start at the ends and brush up to the roots with a wire brush.If you want to make your doll’s hair wavy or curly, now is a good time to do it.You can make waves with 1 or 2 braids, or make curls with her hair around your fingers.If you brush her hair when it is wet, it will make it dry.

Step 9: There is a doll between your legs.

Before you start styling her hair, you want to make sure you have a firm hold on your doll.Hold her between your legs, or have a friend hold her.You might accidentally loosen her head if you don’t have a good hold on her.

Step 10: She has hair clips and hair ties.

Before you start styling your doll’s hair, remove any clips, braids, ponytails, or headbands.When you’re done, you can put them back in.

Step 11: Put a small amount of water in your doll’s hair.

Put a spray bottle with sink water in it and spray it over your doll’s hair.You want her hair to be dry.It will be easier to style and brush it.If your doll’s hair is still damp after you wash it, you don’t need to spray it again.If her hair feels dry, give it a few more sprays.Don’t spray near her face or over her hair.Don’t worry if you get a little on her skin, just wipe it off with a paper towel.

Step 12: She needs a small amount of conditioner to make her hair shiny.

If you want to make your doll’s hair shiny, you can put a small amount of conditioner into the spray bottle.When the conditioner is mixed in, swirl it around or stir with a spoon.

Step 13: You can use a wire brush or pick.

The best way to untangle your doll’s hair is with the American Girl Doll brushes and picks.You can buy them at American Girl Stores.Use a small wire brush or pick if you don’t have one.If your doll has straight or wavy hair, use a wire brush.A wire brush is just a regular brush with bristles made of wire instead of plastic, which can mess with your doll’s hair.If your doll has curly or textured hair, you should use a pick instead of a brush.You should not use a brush or pick on your own hair.

Step 14: Working up from the tips, she combed out her knots one at a time.

Pull out the knots one small section at a time, starting from the ends of your doll’s hair.Slowly work towards the roots of your doll’s hair, but make sure to brush in a downward motion so you don’t create snarls.She needs to brush her bangs as well.Hold her neck and roots of her hair while you brush so you don’t pull her head.If you see strands come out while you brush, it is ok.If you are brushing your doll’s hair for the first time, this is normal.Take your time.By the time you are done, your doll’s hair will be smooth and shiny.

Step 15: If your dolls have waves, brush them gently.

You should brush the tips of her hair softly if you want to keep her pretty waves.Unless there are big tangles at the ends, don’t spend a lot of time brushing them.

Step 16: If your doll’s hair is curly, re-curl with your fingers.

You should separate a small section after you pick through your doll’s hair.If you want to create a Curl, smooth it out with your hand, then coil it around your finger.Continue until you have curled your doll’s hair.Pull the strand of hair around the pen or pencil.Slowly slide the brush out after holding the hair around the pencil for a few seconds.If you can see the direction of the curl, twirl it around your fingers.Curl it if you think it looks best.Make sure your doll’s hair is dry.If you need to spray it again, you can use the spray bottle.

Step 17: The easiest way to create waves is to braid your doll’s hair.

One way to make your doll’s hair wavy is to create 1 or 2 big braids.While her hair is wet, braid it into many braids you want.If you want a permanent wave style, leave the braids in for a day or two.The waves will last longer if you leave the braids in.You can braid your doll’s hair.The most waves can be created by braiding her hair.

Step 18: If your doll’s hair gets tangled, brush it.

comb out any knots as soon as you notice them to keep your doll’s hair fresh and pretty.You should look over your doll’s hair at least once a week.You can comb the tangles with a wire brush or pick.

Step 19: You should wash your doll’s hair every few years.

Try to wash your doll’s hair as little as possible to avoid accidentally spilling water on her or creating product build-up in her strands.You should only wash it when it is noticeably dirty.American Girl does not recommend washing your doll’s hair.It’s a good idea to mist and brush your doll hair.

Step 20: Do not drink or eat around your doll.

Keep your doll away from food that can stain or stick to her hair.Even if you wash your doll’s hair completely, it won’t remove stains or chunks, so keep her out of danger.Don’t bring sticky products near her, like glue or paint.

Step 21: She should use hair ties to tie her hair back.

There are rubber bands that can get stuck in your doll’s hair.Use regular, fabric-covered hair ties, like the ones you would use in your own hair.

Step 22: Don’t use products to style your doll’s hair.

Over time, hair sprays and gels will damage your doll’s hair.Blow dryers and other heat products can dry, stiffen, or even melt the fibers of your doll’s hair.Try not to use a lot of product in general.

Step 23: Special supplies are included in the American Girl doll hair care kit.

The American Girl hairstyle essentials set comes with a small bottle and brush, curlers and curling papers, hairpins, and a salon cape to drape over your doll while you style her.The set can be purchased at an American Girl Store.

Step 24: If you need help with your doll, take it to an AG Salon.

If you want professional help with your doll’s hair, ask your parents if you can take her to an American Girl Salon.A hairdresser there can give her a new hair style.American Girl Store is located in major cities all over the U.S., as well as in Canada and the United Arab Emirates.You can find the closest American girl store by searching online.