How To The refrigerator coils are clean.

It’s a great way to extend the life of your fridge and reduce your power bill.Black coils are found on the back or bottom of your fridge.If there is a lot of dirt on the coils, the refrigerator needs more energy to cool the food and can eventually break down.If you want to clean the coils, you can use a brush and a vacuum.The process only takes 15 minutes to complete.

Step 1: The fridge is at the wall.

Pull out the power cord after turning off the switch.The inside of the fridge will maintain its cool temperatures while you clean it, so don’t worry about your food getting warm.It’s a good idea to turn off electrical appliances before cleaning them.

Step 2: To get to the back of the fridge, pull it away from the wall.

The back of the fridge is where the coils are located.To give you plenty of room to clean the coils, push the fridge forward at least 1 metres.If you don’t have wheels on your fridge, ask a friend to push it.

Step 3: If the coils aren’t at the back, turn the bottom panel on the fridge off.

Many modern fridges have hidden coil under the bottom panel.Remove the panel and place it somewhere safe while you clean the coils.If you can’t remove the bottom panel, try lifting it up and pulling it toward you.

Step 4: The dirt should be removed with a soft bristle brush.

It gets sucked onto the refrigerator coil over time.To get as much dirt and dust off the coils as possible, use your brush.The large clumps of dirt need to be removed in between the coils.If you can’t see the coil, use a flashlight.Purchase a soft-bristled brush from an appliance or cleaning store, or use a wire brush or a duster.

Step 5: Take the remaining dust and put it in a vacuum.

If you can, put a narrow nozzle on the end of the vacuum cleaner hose.It’s easier to suck up the dust between the coils.The vacuum will suck up all the dirt if the nozzle is moved slowly.While the fridge is being pulled out of its usual position, you can vacuum under it.

Step 6: Continue the process until all the dirt is gone.

Cleaning the coils can reveal more dirt.The coil brush can be used to remove the rest of the dust and dirt.

Step 7: The fridge should have the bottom panel on it.

Push the bottom panel back into place by holding it up.It is in the correct position when it makes a noise.

Step 8: Plug the fridge back into the wall.

Push your fridge back into its normal position if necessary.Plug the fridge back in and turn on the power once it’s back to its original position.You should leave a 3 cm gap between the wall and the coils if the fridge is on the back.

Step 9: The coils need to be cleaned at least twice a year.

This will help keep your fridge cool.Pet fur can get caught in the coils and cause them to work less efficiently if you don’t clean them more often.To remind you to clean the coils, consider setting a recurring reminder on your phone or computer calendar.