How To Tell the Sex of a Newborn Calf

When a calf is born, you will need to determine his or her sex to update your records and decide what to do with the calf.The calf will be either male or female.

Step 1: You should be able to get close to the mom cow’s calf.

Even if you have been helping the cows, they will still be very protective after birth.Make sure the cow and calf are calm before you get to inspect them.Back off if you think the cow is going to attack you.If the cow is trying to separate you from her calf, let her.Come back later if the cow kicks at you.

Step 2: Check to see if the calf is doing well.

You should check the calf’s vitals before sexing it.The calf might be able to breathe through its nose and mouth.Before checking the sex, make sure there are no other problems.The calf’s nose needs to be cleaned.The calf’s mouth should be cleaned afterbirth.Make sure there are no obstructions.Check to see if the calf’s pulse is regular at 100-150 beats per minute.

Step 3: The tail needs to be lifted to have sex with the calf.

You can quickly sex the calf if the cow allows you to get close.Check the genitalia by lifting the calf’s tail.There is a penis located near the belly of males.You should focus on locating the testicles, because it is possible to confuse the cord for a penis.The female’s vagina is closer to the tail.The absence of testicles is the best way to tell if the calf is a female.

Step 4: You can watch where the calf urinates.

If the mother cow won’t allow you to get close enough to check the calf, you can try to see where it urinates.This might take a long time, but it will show you the sex of the calf.It is the safest way to have sex with a calf as it provides distance between you, the calf, and the cow.It’s a good idea to bring binoculars during the day.There is a heifer urinating under the tail.Bulls urinate from the penis, which is situated further forward than the heifer’s vagina.

Step 5: Take a look at the size and shape of the calf’s head.

The cow’s head to its butt is the topline.You can get a better idea of the cow’s sex with these observations.You can compare the calf to other calves.Bull calves have a bigger face.Bull calves have a masculine topline.The calves have a smaller face.There is a softer topline for cow calves.

Step 6: The shape of the calf’s neck and shoulders should be checked.

The calf’s shoulders and muscle tone will give you a better idea of its sex.This method of sexing the calf is not intrusive.You can compare the calf to other calves.Female calves have longer necks.Female calves will have a more rounded shape.Bull calves have thicker neck bones.Bull calves will have stronger shoulders.

Step 7: Take a look at the calf’s pelvis and compare it to other calves.

The shape of the calf’s body will give you a better idea of its sex.Bull calves have a less robust pelvis than heifer calves.This will provide certainty on the sex of the calf.