How To Talk to Your Crush if You%27re Both Shy

You probably have a crush on someone if you can’t stop thinking about them or getting butterflies.When you and your crush are a little shy, it can be even harder to approach them.There are a few ways to break the ice and have a fun conversation with someone you like.

Step 1: Think about what you and your crush could talk about.

Since they are shy, focus on things they like so they can talk about them.If your crush is in a band, you might ask them how practice is going, or if they are excited to perform.If your crush likes art, you could talk about it.Ask them if they’ve seen any live bands recently if you know your crush is into music.

Step 2: It’s easier to text them than it is to talk in person.

You can ask around or hit them up on social media if you don’t have their number.Shoot them a text to get started.Try texting “Hey, this is Brad.”We have math class with Jamie.Did you do the English assignment yet?

Step 3: This is the way to go if you don’t have their number.

If you aren’t already, follow them on social media.Send them a message and ask how it will start a conversation.You could say, “Hey!”What do you know?What do you think about that test?

Step 4: Eye contact is an invitation to talk.

Try to catch their attention when you spot your crush.Give them a small smile or a wave when you see them.They might come talk to you if your crush is feeling bold.It is okay if your crush is too shy to talk to you.

Step 5: This is an icebreaker that you can use to start a conversation.

If you are in the same class, ask your crush for help with homework or assignments.You can talk about other things or vent about the teacher.Have you studied for the exam yet?I am having problems with integrals.I have trouble understanding the question.Do you believe you could help me?

Step 6: It’s easy to talk about casual, easy topics.

Things like your school’s sports teams, your favorite band, and even how bad the school lunches are can get you chatting for a long time.Say something like, “Oh, your band shirt is so cool.”Have you ever been to see them in person?It was gross!

Step 7: What does your crush like to do?

For some inspiration, check out their social media pages.Ask them if they caught the big game yesterday.Ask them if they’ve seen the most recent episode of the show.It is a good way to get to know each other.Did you catch the football game last night?I bit my nails in the third quarter.What are you thinking?

Step 8: Pick things that your crush can’t say “no” to.

Even if they are shy it will keep the conversation going.They can learn more about you, and you will get to learn about your crush as well.What is your favorite band, what instruments do you play, when did you start painting?

Step 9: You can laugh at their jokes by touching your crush on the arm.

If you are sitting down, angle your body towards them and give them your full attention.It may sound subtle, but it can show your crush that you like them and make them feel more confident.You can pat them on the hand while you chat.

Step 10: People like it when you respect their bubble.

Try to take a step back when you chat with your crush.It could make your crush like you because they like that you are respecting their boundaries.A lot of the time, body language tips suggest getting in close to someone you like.Since your crush is shy, it is important to leave some room so they don’t get overwhelmed.

Step 11: The phrase “fake it until you make it” is true.

If you pretend like you are not, you will eventually feel better.Try to hold your head high and remember that you are awesome.Before you head over to chat with your crush, it might be a good idea to give yourself a little pep talk.Say something like, “I’m funny and fun to talk to, and it’s going to go great.”

Step 12: It will allow both of you to relax.

If you want your crush to be interested in you, approach them like a friend.If you want to ask them out or make a move, learn more about them and get to know them.Take them to the school dance if you want to ask them out.It is a good way to let them know that you are more interested in them than just a friend.