How To Talk to a Girl You Don%27t Know

It can be difficult to talk to a girl you don’t know, but with some conversation pointers, you’ll be ready to give it a try.If you approach a girl in person, give her a warm smile and read her body language to see if she is ready to talk.Then ask her friendly questions, make her laugh, and leave her wanting more by asking for her contact information.If you are talking online or on a dating app, start out with a friendly, personal message that shows you care about her.

Step 1: Improve your confidence by grooming yourself.

If you want to look and feel your best, you should take a shower, wear clothes that you like, and wear anti-dandruff.You will have the confidence to approach any girl if you put in a bit of attention to smelling clean and well-groomed.How you present yourself is more important than how you look.You will be much more attractive if you look like you take good care of yourself and are friendly.

Step 2: Take a deep breath and remember why you are great.

It is normal to be nervous when talking to a stranger, so try to calm yourself down by taking deep breaths.There is nothing to lose.If she doesn’t want to talk, you will be okay, but if you never try you’ll never knowTell yourself that you are kind, funny and wearing a great sweatshirt.She will be happy to talk to me.

Step 3: As you approach, smiling warmly.

A smile shows that you are friendly.It can make the girl feel safe because you will be less flirtatious.If you are smiling, you will look like a fun person.

Step 4: You should make eye contact with her.

As you walk over, try to make eye contact with her so that she knows you are on your way.If you want to be the most friendly, you should approach her from the side or front.Eye contact helps build trust and establishes that you want to talk to her.If you have to approach her from the back, try to say hello instead of tapping her shoulder.Some girls feel scared when someone taps them.

Step 5: She is ready to talk if she reads her body language.

Positive body language includes smiling, leaning toward you, making eye contact, and fiddling with her hair.She might not be interested in talking if she looks at her phone, walks away from you, or crosses her arms.Don’t take the lack of eye contact as a sign that she’s shy.

Step 6: Leave if she doesn’t want to speak.

It’s not a good idea to take it personally.She might be having a hard day, be shy, or she might have a crush on someone else.If she takes it better, you can try approaching her again on a different day.It is best to leave it there if she is not interested the second time.If you keep trying, she might find it weird.Think of other girls who you can chat with.

Step 7: You can strike up a conversation based on where you are.

You could talk about the weather if you met the girl at the bus stop.She can help you decide what drink to order at the coffee shop.Ask her how class went, if you see her at school.Talking about wherever you are is a great way to get to know someone else.

Step 8: Go ahead and ask her name.

After talking for a while, introduce yourself and ask her name.If you want to keep it casual you can just give your first name.It is a good idea to tell each other their names.Say, “I’m Jojo by the way.”What are you named?

Step 9: Try to make her laugh.

A lot of girls find humor attractive.Don’t be afraid to be silly, if you enjoy making jokes.You can make fun of things you see, say something self-deprecating, or even make a pun.You can tease her gently, but make sure not to hurt her feelings.Don’t sweat it, if you find it hard to joke around with people you do not know, it’s not worth it.You can charm her with positive aspects about you, like your smile.

Step 10: Listen to her open-ended questions.

The best way to keep a conversation going is to give and take.If you want to get to know a girl, you need to ask open-ended questions and listen to what she has to say.Don’t ask her anything personal at the beginning.You could ask her what she likes about the coffee place or the shirt.If you were talking to her in school, you could ask, “What teacher do you have for history?” or “Are you on the basketball team?”.I saw you play the other week.

Step 11: Don’t let the conversation get negative.

Say something with positive energy when you say it.If you get to know each other better, you can talk about things that are important to you.It will make you look like a caring person.Don’t say “I hate those guys” if she tells you her favorite band and asks if you like it.I don’t know them very well so steer the conversation in a positive direction.I love outdoor concerts.Have you ever been there?

Step 12: A compliment about her personality.

If you want to compliment her appearance, stick to her smile, hair, eyes, and clothes, because it is not objectifying.To avoid creeping her out, use words like pretty and cute, instead of hot and sexy.Drop the compliment into the conversation naturally.After you stop laughing, say, “You’re so funny,” if she says something that makes you laugh.If there is a pause in the conversation and she smiles at you, say, “You have such a pretty smile.”That is a good sign that she is happy.She probably isn’t interested if she looks sketched out and tries to move away.

Step 13: Before you leave, you should ask for her contact information.

Don’t let this conversation go to waste if you never see this girl again.If you are brave, ask if she will befriend you on social media.You can give her your number if you think she won’t give it to her.I want to chat with you later, but I have to go now.I would love to see you again, if I could get your number.Hand her your phone to get the ball rolling.

Step 14: If you have a girl’s number, text her for advice.

It is a good excuse to text someone you don’t know.What class to take, where the best ice cream place in town, and what book to read are all possibilities.To be more flirtatious, incorporate a compliment.Text her, “I don’t know which classes to pick for next semester, you’re the smartest girl around.”You sang well at the choir concert yesterday!Is there a song that you would like to recs?Pretend that it is urgent to make it a joke.I need help with a question: what is the best ice cream in town?

Step 15: The conversation should start with a recommendation from the girl.

It is safe to assume that the girl likes to listen to music, watch TV, and read books.You can say you just finished a show or are looking for new music.Text something like, “I just finished “Derry Girls.” So good!”I need any new shows to fill this hole in my heart.

Step 16: To show your affection, send her a text.

She has been on your mind, even if you don’t know her well.If you have a crush on a cute girl in your class, this is a good way to let her know.Text “Was just listening to the Les Mis soundtrack and I remembered how great you were in the spring musical.”Mention something that you have in common.Just ran into Mr.Trevor at the grocery store.It was so awkward.I don’t know how I would survive that class.

Step 17: It’s a good idea to ask a girl in your class for an excuse to hang out.

If you just got the number of a cute girl in your class, or you are messaging her on social media, asking her to study is the perfect excuse to get together.Make her the hero by texting, “I am dying here trying to study for the bio test.”I need to be saved?

Step 18: It is a good idea to reference a girl’s bio when talking to her on a dating app.

Don’t say “Hey” or tell the girl that she looks pretty when you send the first message to her.Mention something in her bio that you took the time to read.Don’t be afraid to make your message funny and self-deprecating.If she says she is into karaoke, you can say something like, “I see you are a karaoke star.”Is it bad to sing a deal-breaker?If her bio says she likes to watch Friends, you could ask her what her favorite show is.Ask her a question on one of her photos if she doesn’t have anything specific in her bio.The view looks gorgeous!Where is it located?

Step 19: Ask her out on a date after some banter on the dating app.

The goal of a dating app is to set up a time to meet in person.Go ahead and ask her out after you have established a bit of friendly banter.You will not know if you get along until you meet in person.Suggest a plan, and be direct and clear.Let me know if I can take you out to coffee this week.I would love to continue this chat in person, there is a new cafe on Teresa Street with killer pastries.Ask if she is free when you suggest drinks at Benni’s.