How To Take a temperature of your body.

When your body is at rest,BBT is your temperature.When women are most fertile and when they are ovulating can be tracked.The process of taking your body temperature is very simple.You can use a graph to determine when you are most fertile after you have yourBBT.If you want to avoid getting pregnant, you can use this information.

Step 1: You can get a digital thermometer.

The health aisle of your local supermarket is where you can buy a digitalBBT thermometer.It will be labeled as a thermometer forBBT readings.You can get a quick, accurate reading with a digitalBBT thermometer.When it has recorded your temperature and provided an easy to read number, it can be handy when you are sleepy in the morning.The temperature can be stored in some digitalBBT thermometers.You can record the temperature in a journal or app on your phone.You can use a non-digital thermometer if it is made to measure your body temperature.

Step 2: It’s a good idea to keep the thermometer by your bed.

When you wake up and are still lying down, you need to set up a routine in which you take your body temperature first.The idea is to get an accurate reading of your body at rest, and moving or talking can lead to a falseBBT reading.To make it easier to take your temperature in the morning, place the thermometer next to your bed and it will be handy when you wake up.Make sure you shake the glass at night before putting it on the table.It will be ready to use when you wake up.

Step 3: As soon as you wake up, take your temperature.

Take your temperature at the same time every morning.If you want your temperature to not vary too much from day to day, set an alarm and try to stay within half an hour of your average time.Before you take your body temperature, make sure you get at least three to five hours of sleep.

Step 4: To take the reading, put the thermometer in your mouth.

You can take your body temperature by putting it in your mouth.It’s a good idea to keep it in your mouth for a while.If it’s difficult to get an accurate reading using the oral option, some women take their body temperatures vaginally or rectally.You should stay with the same method for the duration of your cycle no matter what method you choose.The Thermometer should be placed at the same depth vaginally and rectally.

Step 5: It’s a good idea to record yourBBT right away.

You should write the reading down in the morning.You can use a tracking app to do this.You can plot your readings on a chart or graph with several apps.You can use the chart to get a better idea of your cycle.The chart should include a vertical section for the day of your cycle, the month, and the date.The section should have a temperature range of 99F to 96 F.A woman’sBBT can be found between 97F (36.1C) and 97.5%.It usually goes up to 98.6F (37C) after ovulation.You can see a sample chart.

Step 6: Look for any patterns after two cycles.

To get an accurate picture of your fertility, you will need to chart your body temperature for at least one to two cycles.You should note any clear patterns on the charts, such as a temperature rise or fall at the same time in your cycle for both months.If there is a temperature shift of at least 0.4 degrees within 48 hours, you should notice.This is a sign that you are pregnant.The highest temperatures that you recorded the previous six days should be higher than the temperature shift.One to two days before ovulation, most women have a body temperature of 96 to 98F.

Step 7: Know when the most fertile times in your cycle are.

The most fertile period for most women is two days before their body temperature starts to rise.If you want to get pregnant, you should have sex two days before you start ovulating.If you don’t want to get pregnant, you should not have sex until your menstrual period is over and you have tried contraception for a few months.If your body temperature doesn’t go down for more than 18 days after you have ovulated, you should be tested for pregnant women.