How To Stretch Canvas Shoes

Cheap and versatile, canvas shoes are comfortable.They can be narrow in the toes when you first buy them, so breaking them in takes effort and patience.You can stretch canvas shoes with homemade methods such as using heat, stuffing them with newspaper and socks, wearing them around the house, or taking them to a cobbler.Try another method until you find one that makes your shoes fit right.

Step 1: The canvas shoes are microwaved to stretch them.

For no more than 30 seconds, put your shoes in the microwave.The heat from the microwave will cause the fabric to stick to your feet.Before putting the shoes in the microwave, make sure there are no metal pieces in them.Make sure the laces in your shoes are not made of metal.Take the shoes out of the microwave and put them on right away.Take a minute to walk around with them.After a minute, take them off and put them in the microwave for 20 seconds.If you wear your shoes again after 20 seconds, they should be widened enough.

Step 2: While wearing socks, use a hair dryer.

The fabric will be softened by the heat from the hair dryer.While wearing thick socks, put your shoes on and aim a hair dryer at them.It’s a good idea to keep the hair dryer a few inches from your feet.If you don’t have thick socks, try the shoes on without them.They should be more relaxed.

Step 3: If you want to stretch canvas shoes, use steam.

The steam will make the shoe fibers more elastic.Hold your shoes over the steam for 3 to 5 minutes after boiling a kettle of water.Don’t burn yourself.Try the shoes on and move your feet around in them until the fabric is wide enough to fit your foot.

Step 4: Place your shoes in bags filled with water and freeze them.

As water turns to ice, it will expand in the tight areas of the shoes and stretch the material.Zip-lock bags should be filled with water and sealed tightly.Put the bags in the shoes all the way to the toe area and freeze them.Take the shoes out of the freezer and try them on.If necessary, repeat this process.

Step 5: Put newspapers in the toes of your shoes.

The wiggle room for your toes should be created by packing newspapers tightly into your shoes.If you want to stretch the material, leave the newspaper in your shoes for the night and then remove it in the morning.If there isn’t enough room, repeat this step.

Step 6: Put a ball of socks in your shoes.

Similar to the newspaper, socks can be used to widen your shoes.To make sure the canvas shoes get a good night’s sleep, pack the ball of socks tightly.

Step 7: If you can, wear your canvas shoes around the house.

If you wear new shoes around your house, you can break them in while doing daily tasks and sitting at your desk.Do the laundry, clean, or watch T.V. when you wear the shoes with thicker socks in the morning.You can use your feet to create more room in the shoes.

Step 8: A ball and ring shoe stretcher can be used to widen the problem areas.

This type of stretcher can be left in your shoes overnight.Put the ball inside the shoe with the ring on the outside, and decide which area of your shoes needs the most stretching.You will have the most problems if you put the arms of the stretcher together over the shoes.You can leave the stretcher in your shoe overnight to make sure it has enough room for your feet.

Step 9: You can stretch the whole shoe with a two-way stretcher.

A two-way stretcher widens and lengthens the shoe if it feels too tight.Bunion plugs can be attached to enhance stretching in tight areas.Before using this device, you should spray a stretching liquid on your shoes.The stretching device should be turned on one full turn every 8 hours when the solution saturates the fabric.You can leave the stretcher overnight.

Step 10: You can get a professional shoe stretching.

A shoe-stretching machine can be used by a professional.You can stretch your shoes for between $10 and $20 a pop.If you don’t want to be bothered with a do-it-yourself method, it’s one of the safest ways.