How To Store Watermelon

A watermelon is a refreshing treat.Watermelons can be hard to store.You can keep large pieces of watermelon in your fridge for a few days if you wrap them up.If you only eat a small amount of watermelon in a few days, you will get fresh delicious watermelon to enjoy without any waste.Watermelon is easy to add to other recipes because it is frozen.

Step 1: The watermelons should be kept at room temperature.

The watermelon’s nutrition can be reduced by putting it in the fridge.If you don’t plan on cutting up your melon right away, it’s best to keep the whole melon out of the sun.Within two weeks of buying the whole fruit, you should cut up your watermelon or freeze it.

Step 2: The watermelon should be wrapped with plastic.

If you want to keep one half of your watermelon, wrap it in plastic.The watermelon should be wrapped tightly.This will keep your watermelon out of your fridge.

Step 3: You can keep large pieces of watermelon in your fridge.

You can keep your watermelon in the fridge once it is wrapped in plastic.You can either freeze it or cut it up the rest of the way.

Step 4: Cut up what you need.

Chances are you will end up with more watermelon than you can eat if you cut up an entire watermelon.Store the uncut half of your watermelon in the fridge.

Step 5: The rind of your watermelon needs to be removed.

You should remove the rind from the half of the watermelon.Stand the watermelon on its flat end and run the knife from the top, following the curve.

Step 6: The watermelon is small.

If you want to cut the watermelon into cubes, you have to slice it into slices.

Step 7: Store the watermelon in a container.

The freshness of your watermelon will be lost in 3 to 4 days.The pieces of watermelon will lose their flavor if you don’t eat it before then.

Step 8: The rind needs to be removed.

Place the flat side of the watermelon on a table.With a large, sharp knife, cut the rind away by starting at the top of the watermelon and slowly curving your knife down.All the way around the watermelon, repeat this.

Step 9: The watermelon needs to be cut into pieces.

Cut the watermelon into slices to cube it.You can cube it or store it in slices.Cut the slices into cubes by laying them flat.If you want to make ice cream out of frozen watermelon, cubes are best.Cubing watermelon is the best way to snack on it.As you freeze it, keep in mind that it will be softer than fresh watermelon.If you don’t have enough space in your freezer, you can freeze the watermelon in slices.Watermelon will stack better than cubes.

Step 10: The watermelon should be frozen in a single layer.

A single layer of watermelon is spread on a baking sheet.The watermelon should be frozen in the freezer.It is possible to check the watermelon every 10 minutes to see if it is frozen.

Step 11: The watermelon should be put in a container.

After the watermelon is frozen solid, you can put it in a container or bag.You can keep the watermelon in the freezer for up to six months.