How To Store Knee High Boots

It is difficult to store knee-high boots in a way that keeps their shape.It’s easy with this trick.

Step 1: It’s a good idea to zip up the sides of your boots.

Step 2: Put the magazine into the boot.

As you insert the magazine, you will need to hold the boot up.It will fill the boot shape immediately after uncurling.

Step 3: Roll up another magazine and put it in the other boot.

It will uncurl as well.

Step 4: In your shoe storage area, put your boots in a standing up position.

The magazines will keep the boots upright.

Step 5: After each wear, repeat.

Step 6: Purchase some pool noodles.

Wait until they’re on sale to get the best value, such as at the end of summer or during a summer clearance of pool items.

Step 7: The height of your boot is measured with the noodle.

Step 8: At that height, cut the noodle.

Step 9: If necessary, zip up the sides of the boots.

Step 10: There is a noodle inside the boot.

Each boot needs storage.

Step 11: Use bottles that are slim.

The bottles have to be small enough to fit in the boots.

Step 12: You can drink soda, juice or milk.

Clean the bottles.Allow it to dry completely.

Step 13: Take a small amount of sand, pebbles or water.

The bottle has some weight.Even a quarter will suffice for stability if you fill more than halfway.

Step 14: If necessary, zip up the sides of the boots.

Step 15: The bottles should be put inside the boots.

Put it in storage.

Step 16: There’s a lot of finished calendars.

You can’t bear to part with them, but you’re never going to look at them again.

Step 17: You can zip up the sides of the boots.

Step 18: Put a calendar on each boot leg.

The thickness created by the pages will make a roll.

Step 19: It’s a good idea to store each boot inside.

Put it in storage.