How To Stop Being a YouTube Addict

It’s not a joke that you become addicted to YouTube.After a while, you realize that you need to get to your computer and watch all the interesting stuff that’s out there.It can turn into a serious behavioral addiction and affect your life in a negative way.

Step 1: Redirect your need to get what you want.

When you start to need a particular drug to feel better, it’s a sign of addiction.You can explore other, more positive and healthy alternatives to get what you want.

Step 2: You can find a different hobby.

It’s ideal to find something else to do that will take your mind off the videos.There are arts and crafts.You will find that making stuff, even if it is just silly paper sculptures, will make you feel more fulfilled and relieve your need for endless video gratification.Either painting or drawing.Watching endless videos is not positive.A sense of real fulfillment can be gained by engaging in creative arts, while simultaneously removing yourself from the situation.Having a void in your life is causing your video addiction.

Step 3: You can play a sport.

One of the best ways to stop engaging in an addictive behavior is to get outside and get physical.Getting involved in a team sport is beneficial for your social, mental, and emotional well-being.You can always show up at a local park with a basketball and shoot hoops if you don’t have friends interested in playing.You can find a local league for your sport.If you don’t like the more physical sports, you can find a local establishment for them.

Step 4: Listen to music.

Aside from helping with your addiction, musical creativity can have other benefits.People are interested in playing music with you.It’s another way to benefit your social life.It is possible to treat your addiction by playing music, as well as refining your time management and organizational skills, which can help you manage what you do other than losing yourself in YouTube.Start practicing again if you used to play the instrument.Take music lessons.Did you always want to sing better?There are many voice coaches.You can post videos of your creativity if you tape yourself playing or singing.

Step 5: Establish internet-free areas.

It’s a good idea to implement areas in your daily life that are completely free from the internet, or even better, all tech, when you’re addicted to something on the web.When you go for a hike or walk around the lake, leave the phone or tablets at home.Even though we think we are only doing something outdoors or active, there are still opportunities to log on for addictive videos.When you go to lunch at work, take a magazine or book to the cafe instead of your tablet; even if you’re planning to read a book on that Kindle Fire, it’s too easy to start browsing the videos as well.

Step 6: You should go on a tech vacation.

You can go to a camp with the sole purpose of freeing yourself from internet, networking, and social media.Getting out and having a week or even a day or two with absolutely no access can help break the cycle.Getting completely away from the ability to feed your addiction can help you control your use, rather than having to live completely tech-free.

Step 7: You can block the video on your computer.

If you want to take a break, you should have a friend or parent set a password on your computer.

Step 8: Limit the amount of time you spend on your computer.

If you put a limit on how much time you spend with your eyes on a screen, it will be less likely that you will spend more than four hours a day in front of a computer.Musculoskeletal problems can be caused by excessive computer use.There is a throbbing head.Stress injuries.There are vision problems.

Step 9: Control your time on the computer.

If you are in the early stages of your addiction, you may be able to manage your computer time.

Step 10: Get the computer work done first.

Make sure you take care of your computer before you head to the internet.One of the benefits of breaking your addiction is that you will be in control of your time.Time management software is available.You can have an idea of what you are spending the most time on if you use a program that tracks your time spent on different applications.Net Nanny or K9 web protection are internet nanny services.These programs can block certain websites or control the amount of time certain applications are available.If you want to further yourself, use the internet instead of getting swept up in entertainment.Current information, history, and every other kind of knowledge can be found on the internet.Use it to learn.

Step 11: Accept that you have an addiction.

The first step is to recognize that you have a problem.It’s easy to start spending more time watching videos on YouTube because it attracts millions of viewers..It is important to recognize the early signs of addiction.

Step 12: There is a sense of recognizing alienation.

Are you pushing away people who care about you?When someone is addicted to drugs, alcohol, video games, or even YouTube videos, one of the first behaviors they tend to exhibit is only wanting to be around those who enable their addictive behavior.

Step 13: Take care of your health.

Even if addiction has nothing to do with substances, it can cause health problems.Has your hygiene gotten worse?Are you neglecting your hair, nails, teeth?You should look at your eating habits.Less awareness of the sustenance you are putting into your body can be caused by behavioral addiction.Do you experience sudden moods?Irritability can be a sign that you have a problem.

Step 14: Be aware of excuses.

A tendency to make excuses or rationalize why it is ok to continue with addictive behavior is a sign of a problem.Non-addicts want to eliminate a negative behavior.If you have an addiction, you may be able to rationalize why it isn’t a problem.

Step 15: There are consequences in your life.

If you reach the middle or late stages of YouTube addiction, you will experience a negative effect on other aspects of your life.Is your work tiring?Do you miss work due to your need for video streaming?Do you engage in other physical activities less?An addiction can lead to a decrease in time spent exercising, going to events, and other social and physical activities.