How To Stomp a Capri Sun

If you jump on a caprisun, you may tear the pouch and not pop it.Only one foot stomp is allowed.Unless you have a large shoe size.Only stomp regular capris, roarin’ waters or 100% juice.

Step 1: The straw end of the pouch is pointed behind you.

The hole is behind you.Not in front of you.It should be on the silver side.

Step 2: If you jump up, you can drive the heel down the caprisun.

There is a side of the hole with a clear bottom.

Step 3: If you want to keep your hearing, you should use this method.

Step 4: The method is to blow up the pouch and remove the straw.

You have to put the caprisun on the silver side.The straw is in front of you, not at your face or side.You can tap the pouch with your entire foot.The air is trapped by the toe end of the shoe.

Step 5: With strength, jump up and stomp on the pouch.

The caprisun has a clear bottom side.The air should be trapped in the hole where the straw goes.

Step 6: You should get a really loud sonic boom if you do it perfectly.

If you stomp it, the caprisun will blow so hard that it will either split the bottom pouch into sectional strips or the middle of the back side.There is a side on the floor.

Step 7: There is a design on the front side.

Step 8: The side is always on the back.

The side with silver.

Step 9: There is a side with clear plastic.