How To Spot Fake NMD Shoes

Adidas makes a popular line of running shoes.They fit both men and women.Many sellers are making fake NMD shoes and passing them off as the real thing, because they have become so popular.To make sure your shoes are genuine, look at the box, sole, and uppers.

Step 1: The blue laminated letters spell boost on the box.

The white label is facing you if you turn the closed box.The word “boost” appears on a panel of the box and wrapping around, starting with the B and O.The word is in a shade of blue that is slightly darker than the background color.The word boost can be started on another panel or in the wrong color.

Step 2: There is a model photo on the box.

There is a picture on the end of the box.The curve of the sole of a fake shoe is exaggerated in this photo.The toe of the shoe should be flat.There are more wedge-shaped shoes in this photo than there are curved ones.

Step 3: The model number is on the label.

The shoe’s model number is on the white label at the end of the box.It should be in the center of the picture.The number is placed between the black line below it and the top of the label on real shoes.It is printed on or near the black line on fake shoes.

Step 4: There is a mark on the sole beneath the plug.

Look under the front foot plug when you flip your shoe over.There is a foot plug that is royal blue.There will be a dot pattern on the white diamond under the foot plug.Embossed detail is missing on fake NMDs.

Step 5: The logo and notch spacing should be looked at.

To see the outside edge of the sole, turn the shoe in profile.There are two foot plugs under the ball of the foot with the Adidas name and logo in black and red.If you have real NMD shoes in a color other than original black, the colors of these foot plugs may be different.The logo and notch should be the same.

Step 6: There are pin-sized dots on the outside edge of the sole.

You should turn the shoe so you can see the foot plugs.There are 4 vertical lines of pin-sized dots in the white boost material of the soles of real NMD shoes if you look closely between the two foot plugs.The blue foot plug will have 2 vertical lines of 2 dots each, then 2 horizontal lines with the same number of dots.These manufacturing dots are often missing from fake NMDs.They are part of the signature boost material.

Step 7: There is a gender on the tongue.

There is a white label on the underside of the shoe’s tongue.The intended gender of the wearer is listed in both English and French when the shoes are made in Vietnam.The fake shoes list the model number and skip the gender.For example, real men’s shoes will read “Mle” and real women’ s will reading “Female/Femelle.”

Step 8: There is a security number on each shoe.

There is a 13-digit security code in the bottom-most right hand corner of the label.The left and right shoes each have a unique number.Your NMDs are fake if this number is the same on both shoes.

Step 9: The underlying texture can be seen through the 3 signature side panels.

The stripes on each side of the upper are typical of Adidas shoes.You will still be able to see the texture of the uppers through the side panels on the real shoes.The panels shouldn’t be perfect.The panels are embedded in the shoe.

Step 10: Take a look at the Adidas logo.

The adidas logo as well as Adidas lettering can be seen on the heels of your NMD shoes.A small trademark symbol is located above the letter s and slightly to the right on both shoes.

Step 11: There are two bulges around the collar of the shoe.

Look at the ankle collar or foot opening of your shoes.There is a small bulge in the collar fabric that should help your shoes fit better.If you don’t see a bulge in your shoes, they may be fake.