How To Sneak Your Cat Into Work

Bring Kitty-in-boots to work if he is giving you the sour face every time you leave for work.Your boss doesn’t have to know.Your cat can be sitting next to you at your desk with a few “sneaky” tools, the right cat temperament, and a little ingenuity.It takes a good deal of preparation and strategy to successfully smuggle your cat into the office.You will have to plan your activities carefully at the office.

Step 1: If you want your cat to be happy and quiet at work, you need to know his personality.

If your cat is a proud and independent roamer who has activities you don’t even know about, it’s not a good idea to bring Kitty into work.If he is the type to hop in and out of the cat door frequently, he will find himself trapped in a small bag a day of nightmares and the yowling will let him out even if the clawing doesn’t work.If your cat is comfortable sitting near you for long periods of time, he may be an ideal stealth cat for the office.

Step 2: Take a look at the way you get to work.

Do you know if your cat is a seasoned traveler?Does he like public transportation?Is he allowed on public transportation?Do you have the strength to carry him on your bike or foot?These are all valid considerations.If the last time you took your cat to the vet was when he urinated all over himself, then perhaps you should give this whole idea a miss.You’re on your way if he’s the model of good behavior and loves travelling.

Step 3: Check the weather.

Is it too hot, cold or wet to carry your cat?It’s a good idea to use your own judgement as to whether the weather is an issue for carting around your feline pal, especially if you’re subjecting him to non-car travel.Remember that cats are prone to heatstroke, so don’t place him in situations where this could be a problem.

Step 4: Choose a day that doesn’t involve a lot of work.

If you choose a day when you can get away earlier than usual, your cat will only be there for a short time.

Step 5: It’s a good idea to know where your boss and other co-workers are throughout the day.

This will allow you to figure out the best way to get your cat into the office.If there are any opportunities where you might get caught, mentally review your boss’s schedule.For the cautious cat smuggler, try the following tips: Know the layout of your office so that you know precisely where your boss will be sitting in relation to your area.Do you want to keep the cat at your desk or in your workspace?The best place to hide him from his boss and co-workers is mapped out.Take a look at any obstacles you might face, such as a meeting.To find the best day for your cat to come to work, look over your schedule.It’s a good idea to avoid days when you have to work late or have many meetings because your cat will be bored after long hours.

Step 6: Prepare the cat’s food.

If you want to conceal your animal and allow you to bring cat food, treats, quiet toys, a soft blanket and even a travel litter box, buy a ventilated bag.The cat will be out of the bag if you sneak the cat in using a cat carrier.Unless you can hide the carrier in a corner behind the filing cabinet.

Step 7: Bring the bag to work at least one to two weeks before sneaking the animal into the office.

Everyone will be used to seeing you carry your new bag and not suspect anything.

Step 8: Purchase a leash for your cat.

If you don’t harness or leash your cat, you’ll need a system to keep him nearby.Before sneaking the cat into work, get him used to wearing a harness and leash.

Step 9: If you can fit all items in the bag, pack everything you need.

Stuff the food, harness, leash, toys, litter and blanket into pockets.If your travel litter box won’t fit, add the box, but make sure you fit the cat into the bag the next morning.

Step 10: The packing of your travel bag should be changed if the cat doesn’t fit.

The target of your mission is not a cat.If your cat is inside, you should either leave the items at home or transfer them to a bag that will fit the cat.The idea is to bring one bag containing the cat for the total sneak attack because bringing too many bags into the office may draw attention to you.Say you have to return a lot of library books after work.

Step 11: If you’re going to sneak your cat into work, you should prepare a cat bag a few days in advance.

If you want to do a test run, pack the bag and add the cat.Give the cat time to get used to being inside the bag and see it as a safe place.This is a good time to find out if your cat is suitable to participate in this venture.He’s telling you something loud and clear if he yowls persistently.Don’t leave him in a bag.Try to travel with him if you walk around with his bag.Before you carry out an operation cat sneak, you need to know what he can do.

Step 12: Feed your cat breakfast.

Give him a decent amount of food so that he won’t be hungry when you get to work.

Step 13: Encourage your cat to use the litter box.

It’s vital that he doesn’t have an accident in the bag.Spending a good 10 minutes or so in the vicinity of the litter box may be what this entails.You have to be up to this part of the procedure if you want to bring him in.

Step 14: Before you put your cat in the bag, give him lots of love and attention.

He needs to know that this is a temporary state of affairs and that you still love him.

Step 15: The last thing you should do before you leave the house is transfer the cat to your bag.

Reducing the amount of time your cat is in the bag will reduce trauma and meowing.A cat that isn’t going into the bag will be easier to back into.If you’re having a hard time getting him in, maybe it’s not the right time to be doing this.

Step 16: Be positive.

No one will suspect you if you act like you have nothing to hide.Remember, your co-workers have seen you carry the same bag before so they have no reason to suspect you have brought in your cat.”Oh, Alice must have a cat in her bag” is not the first thing coworkers imagine when another co-worker arrives at work.

Step 17: Look around to see if anyone is in your office.

Walk briskly to your desk.If you are in a cubicle, close the door and slide the cat bag underneath your desk into a hidden position.Put your usual bag against the front to hide the cat’s bag, or use files, the recycling bin or a printer paper box to provide cover.

Step 18: Prepare your computer for the day by turning on it.

The first thing you typically do in the morning is pull out any work.Give your cat time to settle before you move him again.

Step 19: Should you let your cat out of the bag?

If you packed his worldly belongings into the bag, you need to remove them because he needs to stay comfortable.The new surroundings, noises, smells and indignity of being taken in to work might be too much for him and he could express his displeasure through yowling, biting, scratching and urinating.The following steps explain what to do next if you think it’s okay to let him go.

Step 20: Before you encourage your cat to come out of the bag, double check your surroundings.

Determine if he wants to leave.If that’s the case, then let him stay inside the carrier for a good part of the morning.It’s better for him to be quiet and undisturbed.

Step 21: Encourage your cat to get to know your workspace when he seems ready to leave.

Before he leaves the bag, put the harness and leash on the cat.You don’t want him to run out of your workspace.If he wants to sit underneath your desk and not see you, you have a leash attached to you.

Step 22: Put food and water in small bowls under your desk.

Step 23: After an hour of being out of the bag, set up the litter box.

Step 24: When he seems to be getting restless, give him treats and toys.

Step 25: Target to go home earlier.

This will allow you to escape crowds and traffic, all of which could cause kitty stress.

Step 26: Put your cat’s items in the bag.

All the files should be put away when you shut down your computer.Just before you leave, put your cat back in.Wishing your coworkers a happy farewell and heading out of there.Mission accomplished!You sneaked your cat into work for a day.