How To Smoke Potatoes

It takes time to prepare smoked potatoes, but they are well worth the wait.You can prepare them with either a smoker or a standard grill if you have a few ingredients.

Step 1: Wood chips should be soaked in water.

Put 2 cups of wood chips in a large bowl and cover them with water.Allow the chips to sit in water for 30 minutes.There are wood chips that are recommended for use in this recipe.If you are using pre-soaked wood chips, you don’t need to do this step.

Step 2: The smoker needs fuel.

The smoker should be filled with the appropriate fuel.Depending on the type of smoker you have, the exact source of fuel will be different.The tray should be filled with an even layer of coals.Attach a propane tank for a gas smoker.Plug the power supply into the outlet.

Step 3: The temperature at which the smoker should be is 250 degrees Fahrenheit (130 degrees Celsius).

Light the coals or turn on the heat.The heat should be reduced to about 250 degrees Fahrenheit (130 degrees Celsius) after the smoker has achieved a high and steady heat.When you preheat the smoker, open the air vent.Allow the smoker to heat up for 20 to 30 minutes, at which point it will be about 400 degrees Fahrenheit.The air vents should be turned off so that they are completely closed.This will cause the temperature to go down.Wait until the temperature drops between 250 and 275 degrees Fahrenheit.

Step 4: Each potato needs to be rubbed.

Stab each potato with a metal fork, spacing the marks evenly around the surface of the potato.While the smoker is preheating, this step should be done.The steam escapes from the spud during the cooking process if the skin of the potato is pierced.If the skin is intact, potatoes can explode while being cooked.

Step 5: It was a good season.

Rub the butter over the potatoes.Prepare with salt and pepper.Butter should be used to coat the potato’s surface.Estimates are provided for the salt and pepper.You can use as much salt and pepper as you want.

Step 6: The chips should be placed in the smoker.

Spread the soaked wood chips over the smoker.Return the rack to its proper position if you removed it when fueling the smoker.It is recommended that you place the wood chips in a foil packet instead of laying them on the bottom of the appliance.Place the packet near the heat source by using a fork to poke holes in the top of it.Wait until the wood chips start to smoke.

Step 7: The potatoes should be on the smoker rack.

Carefully arrange the potatoes over the smoker rack once they are all ready.Try to keep at least 1 inch of space in between the potatoes and keep them in a single layer.Better air flow will result in better cooking.

Step 8: Cook for an hour.

Smoke the potatoes for 60 minutes.While you smoke the potatoes, the vent should be partially closed.The potatoes should have the same consistency when ready.They should give a little when squeezed.

Step 9: Warm serve.

Remove the potatoes from the smoker and serve them.The smoked potato is the same as a baked potato.Add butter, sour cream, cheese, chives, bacon, or any other topping after slicing it open.

Step 10: The wood chips need to be soaked.

2 cups of wood chips are covered with water.Put the chips in the water for 30 minutes.The Mesquite chips work well with potatoes.If you are using dry wood chips, this step is necessary.Pre-soaked chips don’t need to be soaked again.

Step 11: The coals need to be separated.

Two piles of charcoal can be created on either side of the grill.Place a foil pan in the center of the grill to separate the two piles.You will need to remove the grill grate to fill it with coal.Return the grate to its proper position after putting everything in place.

Step 12: Light a fire.

You can start both piles of charcoal with a lighter.Once the charcoal is covered by white ash, burn it down.It is possible to sprinkle the coals with lighter fluid before setting them on fire.It can take up to 20 minutes for the coals to burn down.As you wait, prepare the potatoes.

Step 13: Each potato has a fork.

To pierce the skin of a potato, use a metal fork.The piercings should be placed evenly around the potato.While the fire is burning down, you should do this step.During the cooking process steam can escape from inside the potatoes if the skin is pierced.

Step 14: Use butter, salt, and pepper.

To coat the potato’s surface, brush the skin with melted butter.If you want, season with salt and pepper.The amounts of salt and pepper can be changed.

Step 15: Wood chips can be added to the coals.

Once the potatoes are ready and the coals have burned enough for ash to form, evenly spread your soaked wood chips over the surface of your charcoal piles.Spread 1 cup of wood chips over each pile.You don’t need to spread wood chips over the tray.

Step 16: The grill grate has potatoes on it.

The potatoes should be placed over the grill grate.Don’t let the potatoes over either pile of coals.The potatoes have to be arranged in a single layer with at least 1 inch of space between them.The precautions will allow for more even cooking.

Step 17: The potatoes can be smoked until they are soft.

Don’t cook the potatoes for more than 60 to 75 minutes.The potatoes should be checked after the first hour.Continue cooking if they are not sufficiently tender, then add 12 fresh coals and 1/2 cup of pre-soaked wood chips per side.The potatoes should be soft enough to pierce with a metal skewer.It should be the same consistency as a baked potato.

Step 18: It’s warm to serve warm.

You can serve the potatoes on the grill within a few minutes.The same way as baked potatoes, smoked potatoes can be served.You can split the potato open and cover it with your favorite topping.Butter, sour cream, cheese, bacon, and green onions are popular options.

Step 19: If applicable, soak the wood chips.

If you plan to use wood chips on your gas grill, you should put 2 cups in a bowl of water.Take the chips for 30 minutes.If your grill has a separate smoker box or smoker pouch, use wood chips.If your grill does not have a smoker attachment, you don’t need to worry about wood chips.Only use wood that has been treated.You can skip this step if you use pre-soaked wood chips.Mesquite and alder wood chips are good for smoked potatoes.

Step 20: Place the burners on high.

The grill’s burners should be turned on to high heat.Wait until the burners are preheating.Wait at least 10 minutes before moving onto the next step if there is no light or indicator to tell you when the burners are preheating.

Step 21: The center burners should be turned off.

Put a pan in the center of the grill when you switch off the burners.If you only have one burner on your grill, place a drip pan over it.

Step 22: The burner temperature needs to be lowered.

The burner’s heat should be reduced to medium or low.Wait 10 minutes for the grill temperature to drop.Wait for the internal temperature to read 250 degrees Fahrenheit (130 degrees Celsius) if the grill has a thermometer inside or on the lid.

Step 23: If applicable, put wood chips in a smoker box.

If your grill has a smoker attachment, fill it with soaked wood chips.When you see smoke coming from the attachment, continue preheating the grill.

Step 24: The potatoes need to be prepared.

The season with melted butter, salt, and pepper is when to pierce each potato.Spread the holes evenly around the potato, 8 to 12 times.During the cooking process, steam and pressure escape from the potato.To coat the potato surface, brush melted butter over it.You can use as much salt and pepper as you want.

Step 25: The potatoes should be placed on the grill.

Keep the potatoes in a single layer by placing them over the tray.If not more, try to keep 1 inch between them.Better cooking can be achieved by good air circulation.Regardless of whether the tray is in the center of the grill or along one side, the potatoes must be over it.

Step 26: Smoke until it is tender.

Smoke the potatoes for an hour and a half.The potatoes don’t need to be turned as they cook.The consistency of the potatoes should be the same when they are ready.The potato should not fall apart when you squeeze the center with your fingers.You should be able to pierce the potato with a metal skewer.

Step 27: Warm serve.

The smoked potatoes need to be removed from the grill.Allow them to cool down for 2 to 5 minutes, then serve and enjoy.You could serve smoked potatoes like you would baked potatoes.Add butter, sour cream, cheese, bacon, green onions, or any other topping to each potato.