How To Sleep After a Keratin Treatment

It is possible to make your hair smooth, shiny, and frizz-free with a keratin treatment.During the first 3 days after your treatment, you need to protect your hair.It is easy to protect your hair by sleeping on a silk pillowcase.You can use your straightener to smooth any hair that happens while you sleep.Take good care of your hair to keep it looking good.

Step 1: Your hair should be left down while you sleep.

For the first 3 days, your hair needs to be straight.Curls and waves in your hair can be created by sleep caps, hair wraps, and other items.Leave your hair down while you sleep.A crease will be created if your hair is folded.Even if you’re not using a ponytail holder, you can’t use a wrap or cap.

Step 2: It’s a good idea to get a silk pillowcase.

Silk has a smooth surface so it doesn’t cause problems between your hair and pillowcase.If you want to protect your hair, look for a pillowcase that’s 100% silk.All of the pillows that you sleep on should be replaced with pillowcases.It’s important to keep in mind that a cotton pillow case can cause problems.

Step 3: If you want your hair to stay straight, sleep on your back.

If you want your hair to be straight when you get into bed, smooth it down.If you want your hair to be flat, position your head on your pillow.You should sleep on your back for the first 3 days after your treatment.If you sleep on your stomach, your hair may get creased.If you want to avoid rolling over to your side, try to position pillows or a blanket around your body.You might be able to stay on your back with this.

Step 4: It’s a good idea to brush your hair when you wake up.

When you wake up, your hair will be messy.It’s important to smooth it out as soon as possible so you don’t ruin your treatment results.Run your brush through your hair to get rid of tangles.Because of the treatment, your hair shouldn’t be too soft.Before you brush your hair, don’t use hair products on it.

Step 5: Make sure your hair is sleek by checking it after you brush it.

They might still happen even though your silk pillowcase will minimize your risk.In the morning, use your bathroom mirror and handheld mirror to examine your hair.The back of your hair can be seen if you angle the handheld mirror.If you notice dents, use your hair straightener to fix them.Make sure your hair is straight.If you have a small dent, you need to have it smoothed with a hair straightener because it will stay in your hair after the treatment is over.

Step 6: If your hair gets sweaty while you sleep, dry it with a blow dryer.

Don’t worry if your hair is wet in the morning, it’s normal to sweat while you sleep.Make sure you dry it as soon as possible.Blow dry your hair until it’s completely dry, then set your blow dryer on a medium heat setting.High heat can cause more damage to your hair.Use a heat protection product to minimize the damage if you stick to a medium heat.

Step 7: Straighteners can be used to smooth out hair in the first 3 days.

It’s important that you don’t wave or crease as soon as you see them.This can help keep your hair smooth.If you want to flatten your hair back out, run the hair straightener over it.During the first 3 days, use your straightener if you notice a crease, waves, or hair.If you don’t, your treatment may not set.

Step 8: During the first 3 days, brush your hair as little as possible.

It’s okay to brush your hair occasionally.Dents in your hair can be caused by brushing, touching, or playing with it.The results of your treatment have been damaged.It’s best to leave your hair alone for the first 3 days.You can brush your hair as you please after 3 days.

Step 9: After day 4, wash your hair 2 or 3 times.

Don’t wash your hair for at least 3 days after your treatment.You can wash your hair up to three times a week after that.This will help keep your hair clean and prolong the life of your treatment.When you wash your hair, it will remove some of the keratin from it.It is possible that washing your hair will shorten the life of your treatment.If your hair gets dirty before it’s time to wash it, you can use a dry cleanser.

Step 10: If you want to avoid losing the hair, use a sulfate-free and chlorine- free hair product.

Sulfate and chlorine can ruin the results of a treatment for hair loss.Make sure your hair products don’t contain sulfates or chlorine by reading the label.Purchase products labeled for use after a treatment.It is possible to find products that are labeled as sulfate-free or chlorine free.

Step 11: After 3 days, apply coconut or argan oil.

If you have a treatment that leaves your hair feeling dry, you might want to give it a try.After day 3, use coconut or argan oil to nourish your hair.Rub your hands together with a pea-size amount of oil.Take care of your hair with your hands.If you have to, add more oil to your hands.You should choose the oil that is 100% coconut or argan.

Step 12: Wait until day 4 to style your hair.

Since it’s important to keep your hair straight for the first 3 days, you can’t style it during this time.You can style your hair after 3 days.On day 4 you should return to your usual styling habits.This includes things like curling your hair.You will need to wait until day 4 to use hair accessories.

Step 13: Don’t swim for 4 days, then wear a swim cap.

It’s a good idea to keep your hair dry in the first few days after you get your treatment.The chlorine in pool or hot tub water can cause hair loss.After your treatment, stay out of the water for 4 days.If you’re in a pool or hot tub, wear a swim cap.Within 4-5 minutes of getting out of the pool or hot tub, wash your hair if you don’t have a swim cap.