How To Shoot Like Kevin Durant

One of the NBA’s best offensive players and one of its most deadly shooter is Kevin Durant.He’s a member of the elite 50-40-90 club, which means that he shot at least 50% from the field, 40% from 3-point range, and 90 percent at the free-throw line in a given season.There are less than ten players that have done it.If you want to learn how to mimic the basics of the patented shot, you’ve come to the right place.For more information, see Step 1

Step 1: Your hip should be toward the basket.

The most distinctive thing about Kevin Durant’s shooting technique is that he doesn’t square up to the basket to take a shot, he instead puts his hip in the hole.It traditionally isn’t the way shooting is taught, but some analysts think that squaring up this way can help to take tension away from the neck and shoulders, resulting in a more natural action.

Step 2: At 10 o’clock you should aim your toes.

When he shoots his feet are not aimed at the hoop, but turned to 10 on the clock if the basket is 12.Dirk Nowitzki orients himself to the basket similarly, making it less likely he will throw off defenders.

Step 3: Move and sway.

When he takes a shot, he doesn’t jump straight up.Instead, he sweeps his feet forward and sways his shoulders back, causing a high-arcing shot that he’s learned to make.It isn’t the most technically perfect form for a shot from long-range, but it has yielded great shooting percentages for KD.

Step 4: The ball should be shot properly with a follow-through.

Unlike Reggie Miller and Kobe, who have strange off-kilter follow-throughs, Durant’s shot is fairly straightforward and his technique is pure.He puts his hand in the cookie jar during the follow through and almost always makes his shot.

Step 5: Don’t keep it complex.

Kevin Durant’s game is built on his jump shot, which he earns by making his way to space and passing the ball, not by using step-jukes or other methods of shaking the player.Unlike other tall ballers, he hops on almost every shot because he is close to the ball.

Step 6: Take many high-probability attempts.

The ball is in the air.There was a lot.If you want to start shooting like KD, you need to take a lot of shots.Concentration should be on pure shooting drills and less on dribbling or other types of exercise.The jump shot is an important part of the game.Wait for high-probability attempts at a range you’re certain you can hit from and don’t hog the ball.KD is a team player who waits for the play to come to him.

Step 7: Take the ball inside.

Kevin Durant is a great scorer on the inside.His drive and dribbling skills on the cut aren’t necessarily his most famous attributes, but shot-diagrams show that most of his points come from inside.His height makes him a high-probability inside player when matched with his outside accuracy.

Step 8: Shoot from the side that is strong.

The majority of Durant’s points come from his right side, both in the paint and outside 3-point range, according to shot charts.He’s most deadly from the right side, even though he is accurate and at the league average.He knows where the high-probability shots are and when to take them.When he’s lined up straight on, he doesn’t take as many attempts from that location on the court.If you want to shoot like KD, cut into the paint or take it on an angle.

Step 9: Constantly practice.

There isn’t a quick fix if you want to shoot like Durant.You have to start working on a regular shooting routine and practice until you can take a jump shot.If you’re tired after running sprints and can’t lift your arms, practice three pointers, turn-around jumpers, and free throws.Always practice.