How To Shell Brazil Nuts

Brazil nuts are hard to crack, but there are a couple different ways to attack them that will have you on your way to a delicious snack in no time.

Step 1: The nuts should be placed in the freezer for a while.

Step 2: Use a nut cracker to crack the nuts.

The shell will break easily.

Step 3: The stove top is on.

The water should be boiled.

Step 4: Allow the Brazil nuts to boil for a minute.

Step 5: Go into the cold water after removing the boiling water.

The cooking is stopped.The hot water should be handled with care.

Step 6: Break them.

The shells will fall off easily.

Step 7: The Brazil nuts should be placed on the baking sheets.

Step 8: Place in a moderate oven.

Step 9: Take 15 minutes to bake.

Step 10: Remove the oven cover.