How To Send an S.A.S.E. (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope)

It’s easy to send a self-addressed stamped envelope.You only need two envelopes, stamps, and something to write with.Make sure you have the correct address for your S.A.S.E.You should check your mailbox every now and then to see if your response has arrived.

Step 1: An envelope can be found.

You should get an envelope large enough to hold everything the recipient will be sending back to you.If you’re sending out an S.A.S.E to get a free CD from your favorite band, use an envelope that’s big enough to hold a CD.

Step 2: You can write your address in the center of the envelope.

Next to your address, write your first and last name.

Step 3: You can put a stamp on the envelope.

The recipient’s cost of sending the envelope back to you will be covered by this stamp.If you’re sending your S.A.S.E to a different country, make sure you include the right stamps.If you don’t know what stamps you should use, check with your local post office.

Step 4: Leave the first envelope open.

The recipient should be able to put your items in it and mail it back to you.

Step 5: The second envelope should be bigger than the first.

The first envelope will be inside the second envelope.

Step 6: The recipient’s address should be written in the center of the envelope.

Your S.A.S.E will be sent to this address.The recipient’s name and company name should be written on the top line, followed by their address below it.

Step 7: You can write your address in the left corner of the envelope.

If you misplace your S.A.S.E, the post office will send it back to you.First and last names should be followed by your address.

Step 8: The envelope has a stamp in it.

Make sure the stamp is large enough to get your S.A.S.E to your destination.Special stamps are needed if you’re sending your S.A.S.E to a different country.If you don’t know what type of stamps you need, speak to someone at your local post office.

Step 9: The first envelope should be sealed.

Seal the second envelope and then slide the first one inside.It’s time to mail your S.A.S.E.

Step 10: Drop off your S.A.S.E at the post office.

You already paid for the stamps, so don’t worry about paying.You have to wait until you get a response.Don’t forget to check the mail.