How To Sell High End Used Furniture

Selling used furniture can make you money if you want to redecorate your home or start a business.Even if you have owned it for a while, it can still be worth a lot.According to the furniture’s quality, buyers look for a fair price.Consignment shops and online listings are some of the places you can use to advertise.If you know the price and where you want to sell it, you can make an honest advertisement with pictures of the furniture.If you are patient, you can close a deal and give your furniture a new home.

Step 1: Proof of authenticity can be found by looking at a manufacturer’s mark.

There are many high-end furniture manufacturers.There is a stamp that could be anywhere.If you don’t see the mark right away, inspect the back end.Marks can be used to confirm the quality of a piece of furniture and to help track down its retail price.A mark can be placed on the back of a chair.It could be on a drawer in a wardrobe.Take a picture of the mark.You can use the catalogues to find out who made the furniture and what it is worth.When you are advertising, show off the mark.You might have received a certificate of authenticity when buying furniture.If the furniture doesn’t have a mark to distinguish it, save it.

Step 2: If the furniture has scratches or other signs of damage, it’s time to inspect it.

The furniture’s condition affects the sale price.You can’t expect to get a lot of money for furniture that is damaged or worn out.If it looks like it belongs in a catalog, you can put a higher price on it.If your furniture is in bad shape, you should have it fixed first.It is possible to increase its value by refinishing it.

Step 3: Touch and use the furniture to measure its quality.

Quality material and crafting techniques make high-end furniture sturdy.Check that the furniture is made from solid material that is cut to fit together.Lift and pull parts to make sure they don’t twist.To see if you can feel the furniture through the fabric, squeeze it.Solid wood furniture is more valuable than thin plywood or other materials.It’s a sign of high-end quality to have premium options like maple.Natural fabrics like European linen, cotton, leather, and down stuffing are often signs of a piece of furniture that is worth more than usual.Synthetics are often used in cheaper furniture.

Step 4: The approximate value of the furniture can be found by looking at sales.

Remember how much you paid for the furniture if you bought it yourself.Try to find similar pieces of furniture.Find out what they buy for new and used.If the manufacturer has a website, search for it.There are online catalogues for many manufacturers.Antique databases and marketplaces can help you find an older piece of furniture.If you don’t know the manufacturer, browse marketplace listings and completed sales on auction websites.

Step 5: If you need a price estimate, contact a professional.

You can find an appraisal service in your area.They will give you a background on the furniture and tell you how much it is worth.You can show off the appraisal when negotiating a sale.Even though high-end furniture can be pretty expensive, appraisals are usually worth it.The appraisal will not be worth it if you don’t think your item is worth much.There are online services that can perform appraisals at a reduced cost.For a free verbal appraisal, you could visit an auction house or furniture seller.

Step 6: You can price your furniture.

A prominent part of your advertisement should be the asking price.Determine the original value of the furniture.Take into account its age and condition to get a fair price.If you had any professional appraisals done, use them for a baseline estimate.Take the retail price and subtract 20% to 30% from it for a basic price estimate.Take off extra for wear and damage.Take the demand into account.It can be difficult to sell high-end furniture because of waiting for a buyer.You might need to lower the price to get more buyers.Have an idea of what you want, but pick a realistic price.You can decide if your furniture is worth $3,500 or $2,000.

Step 7: If you want to reach a large audience, list your furniture online.

There are other sites that you can use to list high-end furniture, such as eBay.Chairish is a site for listing high-end furniture, but you could also try other sites.You can include an advertisement and photos on these sites.Outside of your community, they are accessible.When selling outside of your community, shipping costs can be an issue.The buyer should be aware of the costs and be willing to pay to retrieve the furniture.You are asked to pay a small fee to advertise.Depending on the service, you may have to offer a commission, which is usually a percentage of the final sales price.

Step 8: There are more options for advertising in an app.

LetGo, Chairish, Apartment Therapy Bazar, 5Miles, and Everything But The House are some of the apps to check out.These apps are very easy to use.When you first post your advertisement, many of them don’t ask for a listing fee.You need to read the fine print.A percentage of the final sales price is taken by some apps.25% can be a high amount.

Step 9: If you are selling furniture in your community, you should offer it to a consigning shop.

There is a shop that sells high-end and vintage furniture.You can leave the furniture on display in the shop.You wait until someone buys the furniture.It is a great way to advertise high-end pieces in your community without having to do a lot of research.Once your item sells, the consignment shops take a commission.Discuss the arrangement with the shop before doing business with them, as the fee can be anywhere from 25% to over 50%.Some shops will take back items if they don’t sell in a certain period of time.Your furniture is more visible in a consignment shop that is small and has limited space.The shop may not get a lot of foot traffic or customers interested in expensive furniture.

Step 10: Place an ad in the newspaper to get the attention of the community.

If you want to sell your furniture on your own, ask your newspaper publisher to post a classified ad.There is room for a description of the furniture and a picture in the ad.Buyers know how to reach you if you include your phone number or email address.If an interested buyer sees your ad, you can sell the furniture without having to travel very far.Not everyone reads newspapers.Readers in your community may not be interested in what you are selling.Discuss the cost of running the ad.It can cost a lot.Newspapers charge a fixed cost of $5 to $100 per line.You may need to pay a separate fee for the classified ads that newspapers post on their websites.

Step 11: If you want to make a quick sale, you should meet with a dealer.

There are traveling dealers in your area.Send them pictures of your furniture.They may buy it from you if they like what they see.Most dealers handle shipping on their own.Don’t expect to get the best deal from the dealers.They are reliable buyers since they are in business.The quality of the furniture is what the dealer is looking for.You can make a quick sale with a professional if it works out.If the dealer is not interested in your furniture, they may be able to give you a free estimate on what it is worth.

Step 12: If you’re selling furniture, you should consult an antique dealer.

If you want to sell something that is too precious.Let a professional handle it.Take it to an auction house that has a history of selling antiques.You can rely on the evaluators at these places to come up with a sales price.Many of them will buy furniture from you or at least link you to potential customers.If you want to learn how to sell antiques, get in touch with antique associations.National antique organizations have websites.It is more difficult to price and advertise antiques than it is to sell them online.You might need a professional opinion to figure out where the furniture came from.

Step 13: Take a few photos of the furniture.

You can get clear snapshots with a quality camera or phone.Take a picture of the piece, but also take some close-ups of smaller details.Document markings, unusual features, and damaged spots are examples.Potential buyers will know what they are getting if the furniture is accurately displayed.Clean off the furniture.The pictures should look good.If you are selling multiple pieces of furniture, separate them.If you are selling a dining set, take a picture of the table and chairs together.Potential buyers will require a photo no matter how you advertise.Honesty and accuracy are important for completing a sale of high-end furniture.

Step 14: The price and payment info should be listed in the ad.

If you put the price in big, bold text, you will be able to see it.What kind of payment info do you take?You may want to ask for cash only if you are selling directly to a buyer.It’s a good idea to make sure you get paid before handing over furniture.Checks and card numbers are hard to verify.The person doesn’t have enough money to cover the cost so the check could bounce.Consignment shops and dealers pay with a check.If you want to accept payment this way, check the business reputation online.

Step 15: Write a description of the furniture’s history.

If you have that information, list the manufacturer of the furniture.Explain how you have used the furniture.You may want to describe how you got the furniture, whether it was from a store or a secondhand seller.To give as much background information as possible, write at least 2 to 3 sentences.Your ad could say, “$2,000 queen-sized Bernhardt bed for sale.”The brand of the furniture is important.Make sure your description says so if it is part of a collection.The description should be easy to understand.People are quick to peruse advertisements.They may lose interest if it is too long and complicated.

Step 16: There are marks on the furniture.

Tell the truth about what the furniture looks like.Issues such as chips, scratches, and holes can make or break a sale.If possible, include a picture with each description.You are more likely to complete a sale if you do this.If you describe a wood chair as having light scratches around the legs and a slight chip on the right arm, the worst outcome is having a buyer show up and realize that they don’t want the furniture after all.This can be avoided with an accurate description.