How To Sell Candy in School

Selling candy at school is easy if you want to make some quick cash.The best way to make a decent profit is to put it toward the things you’re saving for.

Step 1: Is it okay to sell candy at your school?

If the school specifically forbids it, there’s no point in doing this.If you don’t tell the authorities that you’re at a sugar-free school or a school focused on healthy eating, you will be in trouble.Parents who don’t want their children to eat sugar may be in trouble.

Step 2: Market research can be done.

What kind of candy do people like?Is anyone else selling candy?You need to know everything you can in order to make more money.Candy bars are the most popular candy, but it may depend on where you are and what the current fad is.

Step 3: You won’t become rich overnight, and maybe not at all.

You will most likely be let down if you realize this is your first step.Think small, but think profit.!

Step 4: Save money

You can buy bulk packs of candy bars at a bargain store if you have $10 or more.It will cost you $10 or so, but is a great way to start.You should only buy new brands of candy if you want to sell them.You won’t waste money if it’s unpopular.

Step 5: You can put a box in your backpack.

The candy should be inside.A box that is wide and long is good, but you might want to look for one that’s a little thinner.You don’t have to carry it in your backpack.You can maximize sales by taking between 15 to 20 bars or bags a day.

Step 6: All the brands of candy can be found on the lid of the box.

You won’t have to search inside the box to find out what kind of candy you have.

Step 7: One day, go to school without candy.

You can use the day to advertise.Let everyone know that each bar of candy will be around $1 or so.They will come to school with money so you can see what you have.

Step 8: The candy can be sold each day.

If people really want the candy, sell it on the bus in the cafeteria.Don’t get in trouble.Stay on top.People will try to sell candy.You have to make sure they don’t.Run them out of business if you can get better product and deals.

Step 9: Every so often, take a break from selling.

After a while, interest will decline and so will your profits.Come back with specials after taking a break from selling.Buy three bars and get one free.Customers can get a free bar on Free Friday if they buy a bar at the bar-a-day club.You should expand your employees.Is anyone interested in joining you?Hire them if that’s the case.You can hire a supplier and a distributor.All you have to do is sit around and manage the money.People could work for your distributor or supplier.Gain more ground.Try to find distributors in different areas.Are your friends in another school or neighborhood?You could potentially make more money off of different people.

Step 10: Save your money for what you want.

It’s a good idea to spend some of your profit right away, but don’t spend all of it immediately.Save the money you make for purchases that are better than what you can get with a few dollars at a time.