How To Salwaar Kameez

Follow these simple instructions to make a Punjabi suit.A salwaar kameez consists of two parts – a churidar and a tunic.

Step 1: Before you start, take the measurements.

Length from ankle to knee and from knee to calf.The thickness of your knee.The calf round and ankle round are the same.

Step 2: Measure the length from waist to ankle with a straight line.

Step 3: The points and ankle line are important.

Step 4: To mark the point as a hem line, extend the line by 20 cm.

Step 5: Take 1/3 of your hip measurement + 5 cm and mark the distance from the waist to the crotch line.

Step 6: The knee line and the calf line are marked by the distance from waist to knee.

Step 7: A line measuring 1/3 hips and 9 cm at the crotch line is drawn.

You should draw a line at the knee line, which is 12 of your knee measurement.

Step 8: There are draw lines at the calf line and ankle line.

The line at the hemline is also 12 ankle round.

Step 9: At the end of the line, mark a point “o”.

Step 10: One twelfth of hips is 2.5 cm away from the point.

Step 11: Square the line at this point to the waistline.

Step 12: Join this line to “o” with a curve and join from o to the hem line connecting the knee, calf and ankle lines.

Step 13: Cut along the red line.

This is your pattern.The center fold line is where the fabric will have a fold.Cut two more.If you want more ruching and less, increase the length from ankle line to hem line.

Step 14: The crotch seam should be sewn on both sides with the right side facing.

Step 15: If you want to fold each leg on the center fold line, open the pieces and align them.

From the hem line to the inseam, sew it.

Step 16: The hem line should be finished by sewing a 1 cm fold.

There is a 1 inch fold at the waistline.

Step 17: This is how they will look.

Step 18: The sloper or bodice block has darts.

The length along the center fold line should be extended by 20 to 22 cm up to your hips.

Step 19: Depending on how fit or loose you want the garment at the hips, draw a line parallel to this line.

Step 20: The center fold line should be extended to the desired length.

The length of the kameez can range from 38 to 46 inches.

Step 21: With the hip line, square off.

Step 22: Depending on how much flare you want in your garment, extend the hem line by 2 to 5 cm.

Step 23: The hem line should be Curved upwards by 1 cm.

Step 24: From waist to hem.

The same method is used with the back sloper.

Step 25: This is your basic pattern.

Take one front and one back.Cut out the sleeves you want.

Step 26: To the front and back neckline, sew on or pipe.

Step 27: Align shoulder seams and armholes by laying pieces right side facing.

Step 28: There are shoulder and side seam.

Step 29: The side seam should be 12 to 15 inches open.

Step 30: Attach sleeves.

Step 31: If you want to sew the side slit, fold over and sew it.

Step 32: If you want to experiment with different lengths, you can use knee, calf, thigh, and hip lengths.

You can wear jeans, trousers, skirts, salwar, churidar or leggings.