How To Role Play With Your Lover or Spouse

Role playing with your partner can get you excited about your sex life again.People are afraid to play roles because of shyness or embarrassment.This can be fun and fulfilling.All you need to do is talk with your partner, plan out the evening, and act out your desires.It’s important to keep things light and have fun.

Step 1: You can share your erotic fantasies with your partner.

If you can, lie in bed one night and ask your partner to share one of their sexual fantasies with you.You can share yours.This is a great way to talk about role playing and can be sexy for both of you.Send your lover an email or text detailing your erotic fantasy if you mention role playing to your partner in a face-to-face conversation.

Step 2: Pretend you’ve never met before.

It is a good idea to keep the role simple if you are playing it for the first time.If you want to avoid an elaborate role that requires a lot of acting, you could pretend that you are strangers who are meeting for the first time.After dinner, you can head to a hotel for a night of role playing.

Step 3: Play with power dynamics.

Roles allow for different power dynamics.A common turn on for many people is this type of sexual role play.You could try any of the roles.Mild punishment can be used for naughty behavior in these scenarios.

Step 4: Pick roles based on your favorite characters.

Some people like to borrow ideas from other people.These roles can be a lot of fun to play in.Try acting out a sexy scene from Game of thrones, or create your own erotic spin on a story like Harry Potter.

Step 5: Discuss how this role turns you on.

Once you have decided on the roles you want to play, it is important that you and your partner talk about the situation that turns you both on.Ensuring that the fantasy plays out the way you want will be helped by this.A lot of people have a student/teacher fantasy, but some people may be into a punishment scenario that involves rulers and spankings, while other people are into plaid skirts and forbidden affairs.

Step 6: Don’t set your limits.

It’s important that you and your partner know what you’re comfortable with.If you are playing with a punishment scenario, this is especially true.You may find that a light spank turns you on, but you don’t want to choke.Sex toys may be off limits for you.Have a conversation with your partner.You can establish the rules electronically if you don’t mind discussing them in person.

Step 7: A safe word is established.

It is important for you and your lover to establish a safe word before playing a role.When this word is said it will stop the role play and signal that someone is not comfortable with the situation.A word that isn’t likely to come up in a role play scenario is what you should choose.

Step 8: Try costumes.

It can be easier to play a character in a costume.Depending on the role you are playing, your costumes could range from sexy lingerie to more elaborate doctor and nurse outfits.Keep it simple in the beginning.You could experiment with make-up or wear a wig.You can grow or shave your facial hair, or wear an outfit that is not your traditional style.A small physical change can make you feel different.

Step 9: Add props.

You can get into character with certain props.If you are pretending to go to a massage parlour, you could try lighting candles and playing soothing music.If you want to act out a police officer fantasy, you could use handcuffs.

Step 10: Pick the right location.

The location can help set the mood.If you want to make it look like you and your partner are strangers, try booking a hotel room for the night.If you are not in a familiar place, you may feel more comfortable acting out a role.If you are playing a more elaborate role, you may want to use your own home to set the scene.

Step 11: Don’t put too much pressure on your acting.

No one is judging your acting.It is likely that you will be nervous in the beginning.Don’t put too much pressure on yourself.The dialogue will come easily if you stick with a role that you are familiar with.If you’ve worked as a nurse in the past, you may be more comfortable playing the role of a health care professional.If you are confident in your acting ability, you could try a more elaborate role and talk with an accent.

Step 12: Accept awkward moments and move on.

If you are playing a role for the first time, you will break character and laugh a lot.You should not let this ruin the experience.Don’t worry, laugh a little and continue with the scenario.The laughter will go away quickly.

Step 13: Don’t rush and take it slow.

Role playing the planning and anticipation can be just as sexy as the actual event.Take things slowly and enjoy the process.