How To Riot%E2%80%90Proof Your Home

It’s time for some security upgrades if you don’t feel like your house is secure.If you want to strengthen the defenses of your house, you need to focus on a few main areas.People won’t come close to your house if you have a fence and security lights.In case people get close to your house, you need the doors and windows to be strong.

Step 1: If you do not have a fence, build one.

If your house is easy to get to from the street, it will be a target for rioters.A wood plank fence is a deterrent.Potential looters may pass by your house if you have to climb a fence.It’s a big project to build a fence around your house.You might be better off hiring a contractor to build it if you don’t have the time or knowledge.Bigger fences give you more protection.A ten foot fence is harder to climb than a five foot one.

Step 2: The top of your fence should have razor wire or barbed wire around it.

If you build a fence or already have one, putting wire around the top adds a second layer of defense.People won’t want to climb over it.It’s harder to get across if rioters climb the fence.It’s a good idea to hire someone to attach the razor wire or barbed wire.Make sure you know what you’re doing and use caution if you do it yourself.

Step 3: There are sheets of plywood behind the fence.

Rioters could cut through a chain link fence with bolt cutters.Privacy is added by putting sheets of wood against the fence.Attach each piece of plywood to the fence with a U-bolt and nuts.Attach the nuts to the bolts from inside the fence.

Step 4: Attach lights to your house.

darkness is one of the biggest things that makes your house a target.You need to add some street lights if you don’t already have them.You may be able to scare people off with lights around your house.The added benefit of motion-activated lights is that they are not always on.

Step 5: It’s a good idea to add a security system to your property.

An alarm system that will alert the authorities of a break-in to your house is helpful during a riot.You can research alarm systems to see what you can afford.It’s a good idea to put a sign out that says your property is monitored.

Step 6: Don’t put expensive items near the windows.

Rioters look in windows for high-priced items.Your house becomes a target if you have a big TV and entertainment center in front of it.Hang some thick curtains to keep these items out of sight.It may be enough to make people walk past your house if they can’t see what you have.

Step 7: You can put security film on your windows.

The primary place for looters to enter your house is the windows.If your windows are hit, attaching security film to them will keep them from shattering.It’s a good defense to have anything that slows rioters down.The stronger the glue is, the harder it is to climb in your windows.

Step 8: Attach the sheets of wood to the windows with precut sheets.

You might want to keep some security features on hand.Cut plywood boards to fit your windows.They should be on hand for extreme situations.If unrest starts to build, hang them up and store them in the shed.There is a box of nails and a hammer by the boards.If you nail wood to your house, it may damage the siding.There are pros and cons to that type of security feature.

Step 9: You can replace your wooden door with a metal one.

If metal doors are rammed or kicked, they are more likely to break.If you can afford it, replace your wooden door with a metal one.Metal doors are usually paneled with metal.It’s harder to kick in metal doors.Wood splinters like metal does.

Step 10: A deadbolt lock is required.

The door usually breaks past the strike plate when it is kicked in.A deadbolt increases resistance.If you don’t have a lot of experience with this type of work, you may want to hire someone to do it for you.It doesn’t matter if you have more than one deadbolt.If you already have one, add a second one.You need to drill holes through the door to install a deadbolt.The front and back of the door will be attached to the deadbolt.Attach the strike plate to the door frame with a hole.

Step 11: Your strike plate should be replaced with a stronger one.

Remove the strike plate.A heavy-duty steel strike plate is available at a hardware store.If the new strike plate is larger, you need to chisel out a larger place on the door frame.Three inch screws are used to secure the plate to the door frame.The strike plate might not have three inch screws, but using longer screws makes it stronger.