How To Repair a Broken Sprinkler Line

It is easy to fix a broken sprinkler line.First, look for escaping water or sprinkler heads with little to no flow.You can remove the damaged pipe by digging up and exposing it.You can replace the damaged section of pipe by filling the dirt around it.

Step 1: The sprinkler system needs to be turned on.

You need to run water through the sprinkler system to locate a break.The sprinkler system should be turned on.Before you check the lines, allow the water to run for about 2 minutes.

Step 2: Listen to the sound of water.

Walk through the area where the sprinkler system is installed after you turn on the sprinklers.Walk towards the leak in your sprinkler line if you hear the sound of running water.It can help you narrow down your search if you listen to the leak.

Step 3: There is a section of the line that has water spouting out of it.

There is a crack or leak in the line if you see water spraying out instead of the sprinkler head.When the water is turned off, mark the location so you can find the leak.Use a marker to mark the location of the leak if the sprinkler line is exposed enough for you to see it.

Step 4: Water is bubbling up from the soil.

There is a leak in the sprinkler line if you see a pool of water.When the water is turned off, you should mark the location of the leak or break.A shovel or rock can be placed on the ground near the leak.

Step 5: Look for sprinkler heads that are malfunctioning.

Check the sprinkler heads if you can’t find the water in the ground.If you notice a row of them not spraying water or spraying less water than other sprinkler heads, then the line is broken and the water isn’t reaching them.Between the last working sprinkler head and the first nonworking one, there will be a break or leak in the water line.

Step 6: After you find the leak, turn off the sprinkler system.

If you find signs of a leak or broken line, turn off the water so you can fix it.The control box has a shut off valve.The water should finish flowing through the system after 1-2 minutes.When you make repairs, be sure to shut the valve completely.

Step 7: To dig up the area above the sprinkler line, use a hand trowel.

A shovel can break the sprinkler system.Use a smaller trowel to dig around the damaged section of the line and make repairs.A large break in the system could lead to a costly repair.

Step 8: If the line is buried, cut a square patch with a shovel.

To cut the outline of a large square in the grass above the leaking or broken line, use your hand trowel.When you are done repairing the line, make sure the cuts are consistent.It is easier to fit back into place if you cut a square or rectangular shape.

Step 9: Remove the patch with dirt on the roots.

If you cut a square outline of grass, dig down to remove the roots with enough dirt to keep them intact so they can regenerate when you replace the patch.Pull the patch off the ground by using 2 hands.If the roots cling to the ground, be sure to leave enough so they can grow again.

Step 10: Make sure to dig carefully.

You will have a clean square of earth above the break or crack in the sprinkler line if you remove the patch of grass.dig down and around the line to expose it.The pipe needs to be exposed for 6 inches (15 cm) on each side.It is easier to remove if you dig 3 inches below the line.You can replace the dirt next to the hole if you pile it.

Step 11: To clean off the exposed pipe, use a wet cloth.

If you want to avoid getting dirt and debris in the sprinkler line, wash off the exposed section.To clean it, use a cloth and water.

Step 12: I saw off.

There is a section that needs to be removed to fit into the pipe.The section that contains the leak or break should be removed using a hacksaw.The edge of the pipe should be even if you use smooth sawing motions.You have to remove the damaged piece of pipe.

Step 13: Place a band on the pipe.

A loop is formed by a strap of metal that you can tighten.After you have removed the damaged section of the pipe, slide a band on to each end.You should not tighten the clamps until you can fit the slipcoupling into the gap.Band clamps can be found at your local hardware store or online.

Step 14: A slip is inserted into the pipe.

A slip coupling is a plastic pipe that is flexible and can be extended to the length that you need it to be.The end of the coupling should be put into the exposed pipe.Extending the coupling will allow it to fit into the other end of the pipe.Bring the damaged section of pipe to the hardware store so you can get a slip coupling with a diameter that fits into it.A 1 inch slip is needed.You can find it at a hardware store.Thecoupling should be extended as far as it can go into the pipe.

Step 15: To seal the line, tighten the two clamps.

The mechanism on the band clamps can be used to screw them tight.It is necessary to secure the clamps in order to prevent leaks.To tighten the band clamps, use a screwdriver.

Step 16: Look for a leak when the sprinkler system is turned on.

Before you cover the line back up, you need to test it.Make sure there is no water leaking out when you turn on the system.If you allow the system to run for 5 minutes, you can be sure the clamps won’t come loose.

Step 17: To replace the patch of grass, fill the hole with dirt.

You can use your hand trowel to replace the dirt that you removed once you have repaired the broken sprinkler line.Water the patch so the roots grow back into the ground.