How To Remove Tree Stumps

You can get rid of the stump after you cut down the tree.You can either dig it up by hand or burn it.Pick the method that works best for the root system you’re dealing with.

Step 1: You should dig around the roots.

To dig next to the stump, use a shovel.Continue digging until you expose all of the largest roots around the tree.To expose them as much as possible, dig deep on either side of the roots.You might want to consider a different root removal method if the roots seem large and deep.The digging method works best when the roots are close to the tips.

Step 2: The roots should be cut up.

loppers or a root saw can be used to cut the roots into pieces.Pull what you can out of the ground by cutting them into manageable pieces.Remove as much of the root system as possible by tossing them into a pile.It is possible to cut the roots with an axe, but not recommended because it can shatter dangerously if it strikes a rock, and it will usually end up stuck between roots if they are not completely exposed.

Step 3: Pull the roots out.

To remove the roots from the ground, use a grub hoe.Pull them out of the ground easier if you make more cuts as you go.Go back and remove anything that’s left after you’ve removed all of the major roots.

Step 4: The stump needs to be removed.

You should be able to easily remove the stump after the roots have been processed.You may need to use the shovel to dig underneath the stump and cut a few more roots before you can get it out.You can chop up the wood and put it in your compost pile.

Step 5: Put something in the hole.

The final step is to fill the hole.If you don’t do it, the ground around the hole will collapse and you’ll have a big hole in your yard.You may need to add more material to the area every few months as the ground starts to sink.

Step 6: A stump grinder is needed.

The machine grinds the stumps and root systems to a depth of about a foot beneath the ground.Renting a stump grinder from a machine rental house can be done by the day.If you don’t want to operate the machine yourself, you can hire someone to do the work for you.If you plan on operating the machine yourself, you should wear gloves, goggles, and ear protectors.

Step 7: Start grinding by positioning it over the stump.

The manufacturer’s instructions say to position the stump grinder and turn it on.It will grind the stump’s surface to get to the roots.The stump grinder needs to be moved around the stump in order to take care of the aerial roots.

Step 8: Remove the grindings.

If you remove the ground up wood, it will repair itself quicker.You can either shovel it out or dispose of it in a different way.

Step 9: The hole should be filled.

To fill the hole, replace the grindings with loam or sawdust.As the area depresses over time, add more matter to it.

Step 10: If it’s legal to burn the stump.

If you live in a place with poor air quality, there may be restrictions on open fires.To make sure it’s okay to burn your stump, call the local fire department.

Step 11: You can build a wood fire.

It’s possible to use a chopped-up tree as fuel to burn a fire on top of the stop.Put the wood on top of the stump.The stump will be at the center of the fire if you surround it with more wood.

Step 12: The fire should be kept burning.

It will take a long time to burn the stump.The fire stays large and hot if more wood is added.As long as it takes for the stump to alight and burn down to the ground, keep it burning.

Step 13: The ash should be shoveled out.

Remove the ash from the hole after the stump has burned.

Step 14: The hole needs to be filled.

The ash should be replaced with sawdust.When the area sinks, add more matter to it.

Step 15: There are holes in the stump.

A drill with a large bit can be used to drill holes in the stump.Make sure you space the holes evenly because the stump will absorb the chemicals through them.

Step 16: The stump removal should be applied.

Most stump removers are made of powdered potassium nitrate, which reacts with the wood to make it rot more quickly.Check the directions on the package for instructions on how to remove the stump.

Step 17: Children and animals should not be near the stump.

Make sure kids and pets don’t get near the stump removal powder because it can cause harm.

Step 18: The stump should be monitored.

Within a few weeks, it should start to rot.It’s time to finish the job if you think it is soft enough to be easily removed.

Step 19: It’s time to chop it up.

You can chop up the stump with an axe or shovel.As you chop them away, remove pieces.Continue until you leveled the stump.

Step 20: The rest should be burned.

Allow the wood to burn all the way down by building a fire over it.You can remove what’s left of the stump.

Step 21: The ashes should be replaced with loam.

After the fire is out, discard what’s left.The hole should be filled with something like sawdust.Continue adding more material until the ground is leveled.