How To Remove Oil Stains from Concrete Driveway and Garage

Pulling your car out of the driveway and seeing a big oil stain is the most frustrating thing.You have an ugly stain to deal with, not to mention you are looking at car repairs.There are a couple ways to handle that.

Step 1: The approach was tried and true.

Cats and concrete love Kitty litter because it’s absorbent.

Step 2: Go for the cheapest.

You don’t want the expensive, clumping kind of kitty litter.The cheap kind that is super absorbent is what you want.

Step 3: The litter should be spread.

To completely cover the oil stain, use a generous amount.

Step 4: Patience is a virtue.

Give the litter a chance to work.10 to 15 minutes should suffice if it’s just a little bit.Allow it to sit for a couple hours or overnight.

Step 5: The litter needs to be crushed.

Use your shoes to crush the litter on the oil and then grind it into the oily spot, like a scrub brush.You should sweep up the dirty litter when you’re done.

Step 6: The oil should be replaced with elbow grease.

Use a stiff brush and a concentrated detergent to scrub the area.Continue scrubbing beyond the spill with a lighter touch if you want to be vigorous where the oil is.The difference between the scrubbed area and the rest of the driveway will be evened out by this.

Step 7: Do it again and again.

After you’ve scrubbed, rinse away the detergent, and check to see how well the litter and detergent have done their job.Call it a day if it looks good.Use more detergent and scrub more if it’s still stained.

Step 8: The stain may need up to a year to fade if the oil sat on the concrete for too long.

Step 9: Prepare the area.

Make sure the surface is dry before applying and sweep the area to be cleaned and treated free from dirt and debris.

Step 10: The commercial stain remover can be applied.

Spread it out over the stain and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.You don’t want a clean spot between the stain and the clean part of your driveway.

Step 11: Allow the product to sit.

Determine how long you want the product to sit on the stain by following the manufacturer’s directions.

Step 12: It’s time to clean and finish.

Some products need to be washed away with rain and time.Whatever method your product calls for, use it.Stubborn stains can require additional applications of product or a different solution entirely.