How To Register Your Dog As a Service Dog

Service dogs are trained to assist people with disabilities such as motor impairment, visual or hearing impairments, mental illnesses, seizure disorders, or chronic illnesses.There is no legal way to register a service dog in the United States.You can receive documentation if you train your dog to pass the ADI Public Access test or request a doctor’s note.You can provide proof of your service dog’s abilities to airlines, your landlord, and other organizations by pursuing these options.

Step 1: There is a difference between government requirements and unofficial registration.

The United States does not require official registration for service dogs.Documentation is not required for your dog to be a service dog.Let them know that service dogs are not legally registered.

Step 2: You shouldn’t register your service dog on websites that charge a fee.

Some unofficial registration sites use scare tactics to trick people with service dogs into giving them money.Unless their dog is officially registered with them, their service dog isn’t valid.The registration sites that cost money to sign your dog up are designed to scam you.The Service Animal Registry of America (SARA) is one of the well-known scam sites.

Step 3: Businesses can legally ask service dog owners some questions.

Business owners and other organizations can ask two things to assess the validity of a service dog, even if they can’t ask about the owner’s disability.The United States does not offer official registration for businesses and organizations, so if you want to see legal registration, you should ask if a service dog is required because of a disability.What is it trained to do?

Step 4: You can register for your own interest.

Although you can’t officially register your service dog, you may be interested in doing so unofficially.If this is the case, look for a service that does not claim to offer legal registration and notes that their services are not official documentation.This may be considered illegal if you claim that your unofficial registration is legal documentation of your service dog.

Step 5: As an alternative to registration, train your dog to meet the ADI standards.

Although you can’t register service dogs in the US, training them to pass the ADI Public Access Test can give you proof of their skills.The most credible service animal skills test is the ADI Public Access Test.

Step 6: There is an established service dog trainer.

There is no certification requirement for service dogs in the United States.Training your dog to pass a certification test can make them a more qualified service dog.Ask friends or family members for recommendations if you want to find a good service animal trainer.Legitimate dog trainers can be found at Pet Partners and Assistance Dogs International.

Step 7: The service dog certification is called the Public Access Test.

The Public Access Test is an unofficial standard for service dogs.It can give you an idea of how efficient your service dog is.The Public Access Test requires your dog to meet several expectations, including being safe crossing a street, avoiding distraction, urinating or defecating on command, and biting, barking, growling, or other aggressive behavior.

Step 8: The Public Access Test is performed by your dog.

The Public Access Test doesn’t need an official certification.Record your dog completing the Public Access Test if you need to verify his passing.The video can be used as proof.Although the United States does not require dogs to take the Public Access Test, they do require your dog to be trained before they can meet the definition of a service dog.

Step 9: Do not hire fraudulent or unqualified dog trainers.

There are warning signs when choosing a dog trainer.If your potential trainer does not talk about their qualifications or previous experience, you should choose a different trainer.The skills your dog needs for the Public Access Test will not be taught by qualified trainers.

Step 10: If you have a service dog, you should get a doctor’s letter.

Unlike emotional support dogs, which primarily provide comfort, psychiatric service dogs are trained to assist their handler with mental illness-related disabilities.A doctor’s letter is required for psychiatric service dogs.A doctor’s letter is not considered a legal registration.It is a helpful document to give proof of your service dog’s credibility.Many airlines require that psychiatric service dogs have a doctor’s note before they are allowed on the plane.

Step 11: For an official letter, ask your doctor or therapist.

Your letter needs to be written by a mental health professional.You don’t need to share your diagnosis or the nature of your disability in your letter if you let them know.Let your doctor or therapist know what you need the letter for so they can make sense of it.

Step 12: There are websites that provide doctor consultation letters.

Some websites may offer doctor consultations by phone or email, then claim to send an official doctor’s note.These websites don’t provide real doctor’s letters.To inquire about a legitimate letter, schedule an appointment with a licensed physician or therapist.

Step 13: You can request a letter for non-psychiatric service dogs.

Other service dogs don’t need a letter of recommendation.If your service dog is not for a mental illness, a doctor’s letter can still make life simpler.It is not required by law.