How To Reduce Uvula Swelling

The thing in the back of your throat has a name.It can get swollen, leading to difficulty swallowing, the urge to gag or choke, and even drooling.There are a few things that can cause swelling in your uvula.gargling with warm water, sucking on throat lozenges, and chewing ice chips are some things that you can do at home if you discover that your uvula is swollen.If you notice swelling in a child’s uvula, you should see your doctor.

Step 1: Gargle with salt and water.

The warm water and salt draw out the inflammation in your body.If you make the water hot, it can burn your throat and cause more damage.Add some table salt to 8 ounces of water and mix it together.It is possible to gargle with warm salt water up to three times a day, but be careful not to swallow it.Too much salt in your body can cause other problems.

Step 2: Put it on a throat lozenge.

If you are having a hard time swallowing a lozenge that has numbing effects, it might be best to use a different type.If the lozenges are sugar-free, the front of the bag or box is usually marked.If you have other health concerns, these are great.

Step 3: Drink hot tea to stay hydrated.

The hot liquid can soothe your throat and help keep you hydrated while you work to reduce swelling.If you add honey to it, it will coat your throat and make it easier to swallow.It’s a good idea to drink herbal tea to heal sore throats.It is possible to relieve some of your pain by drinking tea with honey.You can make your own cinnamon tea to soothe your throat.Put the elm bark, marshmallows, cinnamon chips, orange peel, and cloves in a saucepan and cook it for 20 minutes.If you like honey, add a bit of it.You need to drink all of the tea in 36 hours.

Step 4: Ice chips are good for chewing.

The ice can help reduce the swelling.The cold in your throat can make it easier to swallow.

Step 5: You should see your doctor.

There are a lot of reasons for a swollen uvula.Tell your doctor your full list of symptoms.They can help you with your symptoms and treat the underlying cause.Your doctor might need to take a saliva sample from your throat to see what is causing your swollen uvula.It should be relatively easy to get through if you relax as much as possible and don’t tense up.

Step 6: The antibiotic should be taken.

If your swollen uvula is the result of an infection, your doctor may prescribe an antibiotic to you.You have to follow the directions for the prescription.For the full amount of time recommended to get rid of the infection, you need to take antibiotics at the same time every day.

Step 7: If it’s difficult to swallow, check for it.

If you are having a hard time swallowing food, liquid, or saliva, you might have a swollen uvula.Try a few practice swallows to make sure you are having a hard time and it wasn’t just a larger-than-normal piece of food or too-big drink of something.If you’re having a hard time swallowing or breathing, contact your doctor.

Step 8: If there is choke or gagging, notice.

Even if there isn’t anything in your throat, if your uvula is swollen, you might find yourself gagging.If you have swelling in the back of your throat, you can feel like you are gagging.

Step 9: Look for the expression on your face.

Small kids might not be able to tell you how they are feeling, and this is an important symptom to look out for.If you notice that they are drooling more than usual, you should call for emergency medical help.

Step 10: Take your temperature.

Infections that cause a swollen uvula are usually caused by a bacterium.Take your temperature to see if you have a high temperature.Normal temperatures vary from person to person, but anything more than a degree or two above 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit is a sign of a high temperature.Don’t wait to see your doctor if you have a high temperature.Children can be very dangerous, even if they have a slight fever.

Step 11: If you see a redness or swelling, that’s a sign.

You will have to look in the mirror if you suspect you have a swollen uvula.Stand in front of a mirror that is large enough for you to see your whole face, or hold a hand mirror up.The drop shaped piece of skin in the back of your throat is referred to as the uvula.You should see a doctor if it looks swollen.

Step 12: Do not drink alcohol.

Too much alcohol can cause your body to swell.If you notice that it swells, you should reduce your alcohol intake.If that doesn’t work you should see a doctor.

Step 13: It’s time to stop smoking.

If you have a lot of smoke in your throat, it can cause your uvula to swell.If you have a swollen uvula, quit smoking.

Step 14: Take allergy medication.

If you have an allergic reaction, make sure you take any allergy medication you are supposed to be taking.If you notice that your uvula swells when you eat a certain food, then you need to see your doctor.If you experience a food allergy reaction that causes swelling in your throat, you should get it treated immediately.

Step 15: Acid reflux issues should be addressed.

If acid reflux is causing you symptoms, try to manage them.In addition to taking antacids, try eating smaller meals and avoiding foods that cause your reaction.If you can’t control acid reflux on your own, talk to your doctor about a treatment plan.