How To Razor Cut Bangs

It is quite simple to cut bangs.Don’t worry, cutting your own bangs will not result in crooked strands.You can get several different styles of bangs with the help of a razor comb.Razor combs help give your hair a delicate, feathered look that’s perfect for creating layers, texture, and volume.

Step 1: Your bangs need to be combed forward.

Medium to long hair can benefit from this style.You can try shorter side-swept bangs that skim the tops of your cheekbones.Make sure that your hair is dry.Straighten your hair before you cut it to make sure you get an accurate cut.

Step 2: You can make a V-shaped part in your hair.

It begins to curve downward towards your forehead when you find the point on your center part.It’s usually a few inches from your head.Use the handle of a rat-tail comb to create an angle from that point down towards your left eyebrow.Remove your loose bangs and clip the rest of your hair.The process should be repeated on the right side of the part.The point of the V should be on the off-center part.Due to one side having more hair, your bangs won’t be the same thickness.

Step 3: Between your fingers, pinch one side of your hair.

Start from either the left or right side.You can make a V-shape with your forefinger and middle finger.The shortest part of the bangs should be where you want your fingers to be.It’s up to you, but somewhere between eyebrow and nose level is a good starting point.Choose the side with more hair if you created an off-set part.If you have curly hair, make sure to mist or wet it with water first.This will help protect your hair.It makes it easier to get an even cut.

Step 4: The bangs should be pulled towards your temples.

It will be easier to cut your bangs if you have a defined part between the two halves.

Step 5: Carve the bangs with a razor comb.

Cut on the side closest to the part.Don’t keep the comb parallel to the top of the bangs if you want to hold the razor comb against the side.You should be cutting above your finger.A feather razor can be used for this step.It looks like a knife.

Step 6: As you cut towards the other side of your hair, slide your fingers down.

As you slide them, keep your fingers at a sight angle.This will help define the angle even more.You want the side bangs to end at the height where you finished cutting.It would look great between your jaw and cheekbones.You can either move onto the next step or repeat the process to trim the bangs shorter.Make sure to cut slowly.

Step 7: Take the bangs out of the strands.

You should pinch your bangs between your fingers.Your fingers should be 1 inch away from the ends.Under your finger, hold the razor parallel to the bangs.Put the razor against your finger.The guard on the razor prevents it from cutting your finger.

Step 8: On the other side of your bangs, repeat the entire process.

Cut your hair at the same height as you did for the first side of your bangs.You may have to cut at a deeper angle if you created an off-center part.

Step 9: As usual, style your hair.

Unclip the rest of your hair once you are happy with your bangs.To style your bangs, comb through them.If you mist them with water, you can use a hair dryer and brush to dry them.

Step 10: Your bangs need to be combed forward.

The style will work best on shorter styles.It is easy to do and will give you a relaxed look.Make sure that your hair is dry.

Step 11: Take the rest of your hair out of the way.

The transition may not be as visible if your bangs are close to the rest of your hair.If you want to leave out the bangs, clip the front edges of your hair.

Step 12: If you want more layers, divide your bangs in two.

Take the handle of the rat-tail comb from one side to the other.Lift the top layer and secure it with a clip.If you want less texture or fewer layers, you can skip this step.

Step 13: There is a strand between your thumb and forefinger.

Pick a strand of hair from your bangs.You can cut it by pinching it between your fingers.

Step 14: Use a razor comb to cut the strand.

The comb should be held against the strand.Just above your fingers, cut downward using a swift, short motion.The first cut is a good guide for cutting the rest of your hair.

Step 15: Work your way across your hair.

Measure your hair against the first cut as a guide.This will make sure that your hair is the same length.If you need to make a pattern, work your way from one side to the other.Some variation works well for this style, so don’t worry if some pieces are shorter than others.

Step 16: If necessary, repeat the process for the top layer of bangs.

If you clipped the top layer of your hair, unclip it now.Cut the strands with the razor comb.The uncut strands should be measured against the already-cut strands.

Step 17: You should style your bangs.

Unclip the rest of your hair once your bangs are the length you want.You should style your bangs the same way you would.

Step 18: Your bangs should be done forward.

Your hair needs to be dry and straightened first.To get the best results, take a moment to dry and restructure your hair.

Step 19: Pull the rest of your hair back.

Your head starts to curve downward when you find the point on your center part.Start at that curve point and finish at your left eyebrow with the rat-tail comb.Pull and clip everything behind the comb, then repeat the process for the right side of your head.

Step 20: Remove the top two-thirds of your bangs.

You can separate your bangs by using the handle of a rat-tail comb.Take the handle of the comb out of your hair.Pull the two layers out of the way.The razor comb can be used to create layers, volume, and texture.

Step 21: Measure down where you want to cut your hair.

You can make a V-shape with your fingers.If you want to cut them, close them against the bottom of your bangs.You will be aiming your bangs towards your jaw.How high you cut your hair is up to you.

Step 22: Using a razor comb, cut your hair above your fingers.

Start at one side of your hair and finish at the other.At a slight angle, insert the comb through your teeth.Short, feathery strokes are used to cut from one side to the other.A razor comb is not like a rat-tail comb because it has a razor inside.It’s sometimes called a carving comb.

Step 23: There is another layer of bangs.

Remove the bangs from your head.Use your rat-tail comb to separate them into two zigzag layers.Pull the top layer out of the way.

Step 24: Measure your hair to where you need to cut.

Attach a comb to your hair.Blending the two layers will help smooth out the hair.If you want to slide your fingers down, pinch the bangs between your fore and middle fingers.When you reach where you cut your bangs, stop.

Step 25: The same technique is used to cut the bangs.

Cut your bangs by pinching your fingers and using short, downward strokes.Work your way to the other side of the bangs by starting on one side.

Step 26: The process should be repeated for the final layer.

The top and final layer of your hair should be left uncut.From underneath, rub your bangs between your fingers.Measure down, then cut using a razor comb.

Step 27: Take a section of hair from the center of your head.

Pinch the section between your fore and middle fingers to make a V-shape.Put your fingers towards the ends of your hair.

Step 28: Blending shears are used to cut the bangs.

Texturing shears look like a pair of scissors, except that one of the blades has comb-like teeth.Let go with the ends of the bangs.

Step 29: The process should be repeated on the sides of your hair.

You can pinch the left side of your hair.Cut the ends with the Blending shears if you keep your fingers pointed upwards.For the right side of your hair, repeat this step.

Step 30: If you want to style your bangs, comb through them.

Use a fine-toothed comb to brush your hair.There are bits of hair left over from the blending sheers.You should style your bangs the way you normally would.