How To Put up Christmas Lights Outside

Hang up the Christmas lights, it’s time to deck the halls, walls, mantles, and trees.You can show your Christmas cheer by decorating the outside of your house.It’s also a chance to show off your house.A house that surpasses all the others will be created with some patience and creativity.

Step 1: The style of your home will affect the Christmas lighting display.

Do you own a modern house, a Tudor or a Victorian?Is it a basic tract house or multi-storey?A lighting display should complement the style of the house and the neighborhood without looking garish.There may be no such thing as “over the top” for a Victorian style house.A key factor is elegance.Your home will become the neighborhood beacon of holiday cheer because of the strings, strings and more strings of lights around it.A ranch-style or single story home requires lights around the roof line, fence and walkway.The basic theory of multi-storey homes is the same as that of a Victorian.The porch railing has string lights along it.

Step 2: Get some inspiration.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, look through a few magazines for ideas that are suitable for your own use.

Step 3: You can walk around the neighborhood.

Don’t copy another house exactly, but borrow ideas that catch your fancy.That will not bode well for either house.If you’re new to the neighborhood, you should visit with your neighbors to find out what people do for holiday lighting.It’s possible that your street is the street to visit during Christmas, and that everyone goes too far on lighting.

Step 4: You can check out home stores.

Especially the high-end ones.There are great ideas for dressing up your windows.The treatment becomes part of the view from the outside.

Step 5: Go crazy!

If you want to make your Christmas lights flash to music, you should hook up a control system.

Step 6: Before you start, check the lights.

Before you take them up the ladder, make sure that they all work and that there are no damaged cords.It’s a good idea to avoid repairing frayed cords.If you find damaged cords, dispose of the entire string.

Step 7: There are power sources close to the roof line.

Most houses don’t have a power outlet near the roof, so it will probably be on the porch.You need a good extension cord.With the weather, choose an exterior cord that is compatible with your lights.If you have a porch light that is shielded from the elements, you may be able to place a power sockets between the fixture and the lamp.In most places, running an extension cord through a hole is a fire hazard and a code violation.If you want to use battery-powered lights, you will need an outdoor power outlet.Attach your extension cord from the outlet to the roof line if you have an exterior outlet in the house.The outlet should be protected from rain, snow and sprinklers.While the lights are on, it should have a hood that protects it from getting wet.After the 1971 edition of the national electrical code in the USA, all outdoor receptacles were required to be protected with a ground-fault circuit interrupter.If the outlet you are using doesn’t have that, you can either have someone install it or use a portable or cord-mounted device.Local code requirements may be more strict.

Step 8: The right tools are used.

You should use a sturdy ladder and get a helpers if you can.It’s much easier to do outdoor lighting with a helpers than it is on its own.If you are working alone, use a bucket with a handle to haul your materials up and down.You can hang your tote bucket with a nail or hook on the ladder.Don’t lean to reach anything, but limit the number of times you go up and down the ladder.Move the ladder if you can’t get to the next position.Before you start the next phase, make sure the project is completed one step at a time.

Step 9: Attach the bolts.

It will be easier to hang your lights if you have pre-installed hooks or holders that drape the extension cord.The light strings have a distance between them and the bulbs.Before you hang the lights, finish this step.There is a note!While nails, screws and other metallic fasteners seem to be an easy answer, they are conductors of electricity, rust and put holes into your structure.There are many rubber or heavy duty plastic products on the market.You can consult the sales staff at a hardware store.Tell them what you are going to do with them.They are easy to install.The peel-and-stick backing of the fasteners will hold up to ten pounds.

Step 10: Hang the lights.

Follow the bolts from the power source to the end of the project.Plug in the next string, end-to-end.Plugging all the strings together will cut corners.You risk overloads and fire if you connect more than three sets.The light string cords need to be secured.You do not want wind, birds, small animals, or Santa to knock them off.

Step 11: Take a look at your work.

Stand back away from the house and get down to the ground.It’s a good idea to check for uniformity.A second pair of eyes can be obtained from a family member or a neighbor.Good job!

Step 12: The other elements of your home should be decorated after completing the roof line.

You can wrap a column with ease if you combine the light strings and holiday garland.A little pizazz and slippage of the light strings can be avoided with the additional bulk of a garland.There are small pieces of tacky clay behind the string garland.tacky clay can be found at craft or hardware stores.Using the same barber pole technique, loop the light strings over and under the railing.Attach it with tacky clay.Along the top of the porch enclosure, use the rubber or plastic, peel and stick fasteners that were used along the roof line.These bolts may not work on concrete or stucco.Frame the windows by placing around, over and under them.The same techniques can be used on the porch railings.There are many solutions for trees.You can either drape a net of lights over the top of the tree or use the traditional wrap.You can use single strands connected to a heavy-duty extension cord with multiple taps and trace the branches of your trees with white or colored lights.Attach the lighting to the limbs with twist ties.

Step 13: Take a break and enjoy the holidays!