How To Put a Bandaid on Your Fingertip

Fingertips can be difficult to bandage.It’s difficult to use the finger because bandages can slip off.It is possible to modify a standard strip bandage and wrap it around your finger.If you frequently hurt your fingertips, buy fingertip bandages.Wrap your finger around with these.

Step 1: Put the fingertip in a container and rinse it.

Hold your finger under water to remove dirt and stop the bleeding.Press your finger on a clean cotton or gauze pad to dry it before putting on the bandage.Put pressure on the pad to stop the bleeding.You don’t need to wash your finger with soapy water because it might irritate the wound.

Step 2: Remove the strip bandage from its packaging.

Remove the bandage from the outer packaging.Remove the plastic strips that cover the bandage.

Step 3: There is a slit in the center of each end.

Use scissors to cut a slit in the middle of the bandage.Before you reach the center of the bandage, stop cutting.You aren’t trying to shorten the bandage.The slit makes it easier to wrap around your finger.Since you can bend and overlap the bandage ends, it’s easier to wrap your finger around it.

Step 4: Press the center of the bandage to remove the plastic strips.

Pull off the plastic covering the ends of the bandage.Press the white center of the bandage onto the cut.At this point, the bandage should stick to your finger.The ends can be secured to the rest of the finger.

Step 5: Take the top ends of the bandage out of your hand.

Take the top thin part of the end and put it on your finger.The top strips should form an X on the other side of the bandage.The ends of the bandage should be wrapped in a straight line.

Step 6: The bandage should be put on your finger.

Bring the bandage down across the front of your finger by grasping the thin bottom ends.Weaving the ends across each other helps them stay in place and reduces the amount of bandage around your finger so it’s more comfortable to wear.

Step 7: Put your finger under water and pat it dry.

If there’s dirt in the wound, you don’t want to bandage it, so hold your finger under the water.It should be placed against a clean cotton or gauze pad.If the pressure makes the bleeding stop, press firmly.It’s not necessary to use soap to irritate your skin.

Step 8: Remove 1 of the plastic coverings by opening a new fingertip bandage.

Pull apart the outer covering of the new fingertip bandage.Remove just one of the plastic coverings that protects the bandage.Fingertip bandages are easy to fold over the tip of your finger.

Step 9: Put your finger on the bottom half of the bandage.

Put your finger on the center of the bandage.Put your finger near the bottom of the bandage.You can fold the bandage over your finger to cover the wound.

Step 10: Peel off the other cover by wrapping the bottom around your finger.

Press it in place when you bring the bottom corner of the bandage to your hand.You can remove the plastic covering from the other side of the bandage with this securement.It might be difficult to handle the sticky bandage if you pull both of the plastic coverings off at the same time.

Step 11: Take the other corner and put it on your finger.

To secure the bottom half of the bandage, Wrap the other corner over onto your finger and press it firmly in place.The top half of the bandage should be folded over onto your finger to cover the wound.After folding the bandage over, the top corners should still be sticking out.

Step 12: Wrap the exposed wings around your finger.

Take the corners and put them in towards the center of your finger.You want the bandage to fit on your finger.The bandage won’t move because it’s anchored to your finger.