How To Punter

They are an important part of the team.You don’t have to be very hard to kick or punt.

Step 1: Work on leg strength.

You can do this by running.

Step 2: The ball needs to be kicked.

It will go farther if you put more air under it.

Step 3: Try not to let it go out of the end zone.

It will make you think you don’t know your strength.If you want to force the opponent to run out of their deep territory, try to kick it inside the ten.

Step 4: Kick the center of the ball for a field goal.

It will slice that way if you kick to the right or left.Be aware of the wind direction and aim accordingly.

Step 5: You need leg strength like a kicker.

You need to have control of that strength.

Step 6: You should have your hands ready when you’re waiting for the snap.

You need to be able to get a good grip when the center brings it back to you.

Step 7: Make sure it stays above your shoe by tossing it just outside.

It is important that it is facing vertically.

Step 8: If you are close to the sideline, aim away from the center of the ball.


Step 9: Go forward after you’ve kicked it.

A defender is likely to push you down.It usually happens like that.