How To Prune Weigela

Weigela plants can grow to be up to 6 feet tall and have beautiful red and pink flowers.Pruning a weigela plant will help it maintain its shape, promote healthy growth, and improve flowering.Pruning a weigela plant can help it grow strong and healthy.

Step 1: The stems were on mature plants.

You can cut secondary stems to get a full weigela plant.Use a hand-held pruning saw to cut the stems upward from the branches that are growing next to the main stem.The stems should be seen as close to the ground as possible.The plant’s energy will be diverted to the main stem and new growth, which will promote stronger blooms.

Step 2: Remove the tops of the branches.

After the flowers bloom, the seedpods fall off the plant.The weigela branches have buds on them.To cut the upper growth on the branch, use a pair of shears.Don’t cut more than 1/2 of the branches.The cut should be straight above the bud.New, stronger buds will lead to more robust blooms the next year if old buds are removed.

Step 3: Cut away the dead branches.

Look for branches that are light grey or brown.There may be spots or mold on the branches.To make room for new growth and prevent disease from spreading, cut the branches down to the main stem.The branch is dead if the center is brown or gray.

Step 4: Prune off the branches.

There’s a good chance that a branch won’t develop flowering buds if it looks weak.To promote growth in other parts of the plant, remove the branches from the main stem.There are branches that are strong that can grow flowers.

Step 5: The main stem has branches rubbing against it.

You should cut branches that are rubbing against the main stem as they can damage the plant.Use a pair of shears to cut the branches.

Step 6: To “restart” your plant, Prune 1/3 of the plant over several seasons.

If you want to start over with the weigela shrub, use rejuvenationPruning.When the shrub is 4–10 inches (10–25 cm) in height and there is only new branches left, Prune all the branches down to 1/3 each season.It’s a great way to restart your plant without buying a new one.Prune should be rejuvenated in the late winter.

Step 7: In the late fall or early spring you can Prune weigela.

After the threat of frost is over, you should Prune your weigela plant.If you want to promote more flowers this year or the next, you can trim the weigela before it blooms.Weigela should not be trimmed after July.

Step 8: Prune 1/3rd of the plant at a time.

A weigela plant can be weakened or even killed by over-pruning.Prune less than 1/3rd of the plant in a single season.Do it gradually over the course of several seasons if you need to remove a lot of growth.

Step 9: Every year, Prune weigela.

Weigela has a lot of weak looking branches.The weigela blooms are beautiful.Prune your plant once a year to prevent these types of branches from taking over it.

Step 10: Prune shears are sterile.

The weigela plant will not be damaged by sharp shears.Rub alcohol on the shears after each cut to stop the spread of disease.Purchase new shears if your shears break or snap the branches.

Step 11: To control the direction of growth, Prune branches above a bud.

A downward facing bud will grow downward, while an upward facing one will continue to grow upward.You can control the direction that the bud grows in by cutting the branch above it.If you want to maintain the look of your weigela plant, keep this in mind.