How To Prepare for a Feis

Some Irish Dancers have Feiseanna in their lives.Read on if you want to make sure you are prepared.

Step 1: Go to class.

If you can’t go to class because you’re sick, injured, or have a busload of homework, then you should go.You will work on your technique in class.New steps will help you at your feis.

Step 2: Take your teacher’s words into account.

Try to think about what your teacher says while you practice.It will be a natural thing to do when you dance.

Step 3: .

You will be amazed at how easy class is if you practice.You should be practicing for at least 1 hour every day.

Step 4: There is a local feiseanna.

Ask your parents how far they’re willing to go for you.Your parents are willing to sign you up if you see a fraudulent sign.

Step 5: Get serious about practicing.

Discipline yourself if you only practiced when you felt like it.You need to practice if you want to do well.

Step 6: You should check your inventory.

Are your shoes getting small?Purchase new ones.Do you need a new dress?Find one.It’s time to get those last-minute items.

Step 7: Start showing off your dress.

If your dress has panels, place it on a table and put books on the panels to make them flat and stiff.It should be in a safe place.

Step 8: You should treat your body well.

Feed your body better as the feis gets closer.Try to limit sugars and fats, and get lots of protein and a limited amount of carbs so you’ll have energy.

Step 9: If you can, get your teacher to watch your dances.

It will still help if you can’t improve everything your teacher says you need to.

Step 10: Do at least one dress rehearsal.

Do your dances, grab your dress, wig, shoes, and do it.If you have a practice floor, use it.It will be more realistic because of this.

Step 11: The stage schedule can be watched.

The stage schedules of most feiseanna will be posted the week before.You can see how much time you have during a competition by printing it out.

Step 12: Everything should be gathered together.

Put the books in the dress bag.You should pack a feis bucket or bag with the items you need.Safety pins, a card holder, and socks are some of the things dancers bring to their competition.If you’re wearing makeup.A first-aid kit, a water bottle, and an mp3 player are included.

Step 13: Don’t spend a lot of time practicing.

If you’re in an upper level, practice for about an hour, but don’t come home from school, eat dinner, or go to sleep.

Step 14: Relax.

You need to wind down, even if you are tense for tomorrow.Take a long, hot bath or shower, read a book, or walk around the block.

Step 15: You should go to sleep.

You might find it hard to sleep, but you need it!If you are only half awake, it will charge your body and make you forget your hornpipe or step.

Step 16: Curls should be put in before you go to sleep.

Step 17: Wake up on time

Give yourself enough time to get ready, at least 2 hours, if you have to leave at 6:30.

Step 18: You should eat some breakfast.

Don’t skip!You need a lot of energy.If you don’t eat breakfast, you will get hungry and will not have enough energy to dance.When a dancer is tired, it looks like they don’t have enough energy.

Step 19: Get some practice clothes.

You should wear as much stuff from your dance school as you can.Wear a tank top or t-shirt.If it is cold, wear a sweatshirt and sweatpants.If you are a girl, wear a sports bra.

Step 20: You need to double-check your bag.

Make a list or make sure you have everything.

Step 21: Go to the feis!

If you want to entertain yourself, grab a friend, book, or video game.

Step 22: Try to practice with someone from your school.

Give feedback and cheer each other on.

Step 23: If you have time, dance on the stages if you get there early.

See what it will be like when you compete.Put tape on your shoes if they are slippery.

Step 24: Check your stage schedule often.

If scheduling changes are made, check the website.They can run fast or slow.

Step 25: Drink a lot of water.

You should stop eating half an hour before your first competition and use the bathroom, only take occasional sips of water.It will not be fun to dance with a full stomach.

Step 26: 10 minutes before your first competition, get into your costume and wig.

I like to do the wig at home to get rid of stress.You don’t want to stay in your costume for too long, but you have to give yourself enough time to change.

Step 27: Get up to your stage quickly when you’re called.

They may be doing the same steps as you, so try not to line up with them.

Step 28: You should prove yourself.

While you’re waiting, think to yourself, “I will win this dance!”A good mindset can work wonders.When your turn comes, smile, remember your technique, and have fun.Don’t forget to dance your best.