How To Prepare and Cook Scallops

scallops are a member of the oyster family and popular in almost all cultures for their food value and beautiful shells.China and Japan are running thriving scallop farms to combat the decline in some wild populations.Bay scallops or sea scallops can be used in the following recipes.

Step 1: You can find firm, moist, but not dripping wet, scallops in the seafood section of your store.

There are shredded scallops that seem off-color.This could mean that they were mishandled or frozen.When scallops are frozen, they lose a lot of their texture.If you serve the scallops as a main course, you can buy a quarter pound per diner.

Step 2: Under the water, rinse the scallops.

Step 3: You can remove the skin tags from the scallops by pinching them off with your thumb and forefinger.

Some of the scallops may not have any tags on them.

Step 4: Place a single layer on a clean towel or paper towel.

Step 5: The following ingredients should be assembled.

1lb (500 g) fresh scallops have salted butter, olive oil, garlic cloves, and pinch each salt and pepper.

Step 6: Put butter and olive oil in a skillet.

Step 7: Add 2 garlic cloves and cook for a while.

Step 8: Turn and season the other side with pinch or salt and pepper.

In the skillet, place half of the scallops in a single layer.Cook for 6 minutes.The garlic needs to be removed.Remove a layer of paper towels to drain after 4 to 6 minutes of cooking.

Step 9: The scallops should be covered with aluminum foil to keep them warm.

The garlic should be served with the scallops.It makes 4 portions.

Step 10: The following ingredients should be assembled.

1/2lb (230 g) fresh scallops, salt, pepper, lemon juice, and dry weight rotini pasta, cooked and cooled.

Step 11: The water should be boiled enough to cover the scallops.

To distribute evenly, add the salt, pepper and lemon juice.Add scallops to the lower heat and cook for 4 minutes.Allow the scallops to cool in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

Step 12: Chop scallops and mix with rotini pasta and Ranch dressing.

Add the chopped onions, bell pepper and black olives.

Step 13: A mound salad is on top of a serving platter.

Place fresh lemon slices around the salad and serve Ranch dressing on the side.6 generous serving.