How To Plant Oxalis

Oxalis is an easy plant to grow in a pot or garden.Some of the plants have beautiful colored flowers and leaves that look like shamrocks.While some Oxalis are considered a nuisance, other species, like the false shamrock and pink sorrel variations, make for a beautiful indoor or outdoor plant.Oxalis can thrive in a pot or garden if you follow the proper planting methods.

Step 1: The pot should be filled with soil.

Purchase a container that has drainage holes.Oxalis will grow in almost any medium and thrives in well-drained soil.The pot should be filled with the soil.Potting soil can be purchased at a hardware store or online.

Step 2: A large hole is needed for the root ball or bulb.

You can use a spade to dig a hole deep enough to fit the root ball or bulb.

Step 3: Place the plant or bulb in the hole.

You can get an Oxalis plant by dividing it.You can plant a bulb from an Oxalis plant.Plants and bulbs are also available online.Oxalis plants look good grouped together, so if you use a larger pot, use more than one bulb or plant.In a single container, you can plant up to 10 bulbs.Oxalis will grow no matter what position the bulb is in.

Step 4: Water the soil.

Water the soil above the plant.Wait for the soil to dry out before watering it.After every watering, the top 2 inches of the soil should be moist.Make sure the top 2 inches are moist by pressing your finger into the soil.Oxalis shouldn’t sit in standing water.

Step 5: The pot should be placed in a sunny area.

Oxalis thrive in the sun.A well-lit area with plenty of sunlight is where the pot or container should be placed.

Step 6: The plant needs at least six weeks to bloom.

The Oxalis should bloom in a few weeks.The wood sorrel has flowers that open up during the day and close at night.

Step 7: Oxalis can be planted in the spring.

In the summer, most Oxalis species bloom.Oxalis will line up with their regular bloom schedule if you plant in the spring.

Step 8: A location with good drainage is what you should choose.

It is not a good place to plant the Oxalis if you notice water in the garden.Well-drained soil is required for these plants.There are places in your garden where the water does not pool after a heavy rain.

Step 9: There is a sunny location.

Oxalis thrive in the sun.Oxalis can grow in a variety of climates, because of the diversity in the species.When choosing an Oxalis growing location, consider the exposure to the sun.The world’s lowest temperatures can be found in the plant hardiness zones.The zones range from 10 to over 40F.The false or purple shamrock thrives in shaded areas.

Step 10: Put holes in the root ball or bulb.

It’s a good idea to plant multiple Oxalis in your garden because they look better in groups.When planting multiple Oxalis bulbs or plants, make sure to divide them in half.Continue to dig small holes until you have enough to house all of your Oxalis bulbs.

Step 11: The Oxalis bulbs should be put in the holes.

You can buy plants online or in a store.The bulbs should be placed any side up into the hole.Place the root ball of the plant in the hole and cover it with the soil.

Step 12: The Oxalis will bloom in a few weeks.

Oxalis flowers and leaves should open up.Continue to give your plants food and water until the bloom is over.

Step 13: The plant needs water every few days.

The first 2 inches of the Oxalis plant’s surface soil should be moist.If you don’t get a lot of rain in your area, you may have to water your Oxalis every day.It is important not to overwater the plants or leave them in standing water.

Step 14: The plant should be fertilized every two weeks.

Oxalis don’t require a lot of care.If you want to promote flowering and growth, you can apply a balanced liquidfertilizer every 2 weeks during the spring and summer.Liquidfertilizer can be purchased online or at a home and gardening store.

Step 15: Remove the dead foliage from the tree.

Oxalis flowers and leaves will stop opening late in the summer and look like they are dying.This is when the plant stops growing.When this happens, stop watering the plant and let the leaves turn brown.You can get rid of the foliage once it’s brown.

Step 16: Once the plant blooms, resume regular watering and fertilization.

When the plant starts to grow again, resume the normal watering and schedule.

Step 17: Plants should be kept away from pets and children.

Oxalis leaves are poisonous.If you keep the plant away from pets or small children, they won’t get sick from eating it.